Case studies

Telco Scoring Model Development

Czech Telco company asked us to re-develop the risk scoring model for the large bank based on the Telco behavioral data.

Our Actions

The Telco provider had to refer to ABC due to the poor performance of their Telco scoring model. At the stage of existing model review, we identified the serious gaps in data preparation and developments steps. The next request to ABC was to fully re-develop the model, taking into account all the existing drawbacks and using our extensive expertise. ABC significantly enhanced the modeling approach and suggested the new predictors to test according to the industry best practice.

We cooperated with all the relevant stakeholders, both from bank and Telco, at all steps of the development, to identify the best possible approach both from business and technical point of view.

After the model was developed, evaluated and approved by the stakeholders, we also suggested a framework for Mixing model, that considered both the internal banking score and the new Telco score, and recommended the calibration approach to the score distribution in order to correspond to the expected approval rate. 

Project Results

As a result, the Telco model was fully redeveloped, evaluated and approved for production. ABC also provided the support to the Telco team during the scoring model implementation.


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