How to optimize logistics with IoT & AI


23. 7. 2020, 10:00


90 minutes


free of charge



Join our new webinar where we will introduce you to the specific use of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in logistics. You will learn how to simplify, streamline and reduce the cost of logistics operations, not to mention having better overview and planning. 

Is it possible to make logistics even more efficient and economical? We will show you on concrete examples that it definitely is. What would you say if your trucks drove 20% less and you saved 80% of the cost of route planning? It sounds unbelievable, but  the deployment of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in logistics can bring such results.

What can you look forward to:

  • Five reasons to use the Internet of Things: IoT and logistics 
  • How to save on loading and route planning: AI in logistics 
  • Where did the goods in the warehouse go: Real-time localization system 
  • Keep your pallets under control: Plastic pallets and locations 
  • Track your assets online: IoT networks in logistics 

Webinar will be led by

Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT