ThoughtSpot: Analyse your data as a professional


07/16/2020, 10:00 (Europe/Prague)


1 hour

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Data is becoming the most valuable asset of an organization and decision-making based on it is crucial for every company, especially in the time of pandemic. What if analysing your data was as easy as searching on Google or clicking a button?

Businesses across all industries need to analyse the increasing volumes of data and respond dynamically to changes. However, qualified analysts or tools are often lacking.

With the innovative and intuitive partner solution ThoughtSpot, even a data layman can work and respond flexibly to business needs - whether it is sales plans, inventory, human resources or financial predictions. Anything & at one click.

The user asks questions about company data in the same way he types questions on Google. ThoughtSpot generates real-time reports based on user queries.

Join our webinar where we will introduce you tool ThoughtSpot and show you how easy it is to analyse company data, even if you are not a professional.

Main topics:

At the webinar we will present 4 scenarios how ThoughtSpot can help companies during a pandemic crisis and the subsequent economic downturn: 

  • Business Continuity Planning & IT Monitoring
  • Workforce Contingency Planning
  • Supply Chain Resiliency
  • Working Capital Analytics

Webinar speaker

Jan Bednář

AI-Driven Analytics Competency Lead