IKEA smart picking solutions for internal logistics

Boost the efficiency of your online order completion

How much do your coworkers walk in a day?

  • No matter how junior or senior your pickers are.
  • No matter how large is your market hall.
  • No matter how many items you sell.  
What is your growth target?
How much more do you want to sell?
How many employees do you need to hire and train?

With SMART PICKING SOLUTION, you don’t need to worry about anything.

We have a solution to shorten the time it takes to pick up orders in the Market Hall and reduce the number of kilometers IKEA pickers have to walk.

We plan to consolidate a logical combination of multiple orders into a single list and then optimize the picker’s route to gather all the items. Navigate the indoors to the specific product with an accuracy of 50cm and provide hand-free scanning using Smart glasses. And this is in one user-friendly application on the mobile device.

Furthermore, a new picking trolley with adjustable compartments will enable multiple orders in one way.



Increasing productivity (improving the number of picked orderliness per hour)


 Shortening walk distance for pickers


Transparency in data for further analysis


Better and easier organization


Faster learning curve

One set of tools

1. Mobile app with 2D map

powered by Optimus 4.0 platform

2. UWB localization

based on triangulation and IoT platform

3. Smart gadgets

including smart glasses and a mobile app with order picking process overview

1. Save time & resources with an easy-to-use app

Optimus 4.0 is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) platform that easily cracks any planning or scheduling challenges. And even learns over time, thanks to collected and historical data!

The platform is for coworkers represented by a smart app with a 2D map and enables them to see:


What is the best order of items picked and route walked to save steps and time.


When to go picking to process the highest number of orders simultaneously.


How to fill up the basket to use its space to the maximum considering the product type and fragility to reduce risk of damage.

As a result, coworkers save time and resources while doing a spot-on job. Moreover, Optimus can also optimize the space and filler ratio in the packages, thus reducing the cost of packaging material.


The solution has already been proven in practice

Optimus is already helping many companies to improve their efficiency. Here are some of them.

TÜV SÜD (text)
Continental Barum
Škoda AUTO

Two ways of picking

Every IKEA store prepares, on average more than 500 online orders daily. However, every store has a different layout, size of the market hall, customer peaks, and internal working routines. Therefore, we are ready to fulfill all requirements with two order-picking methods. 

Zone-based picking

Customer orders are processed by picking in pre-defined market hall zones.

Optimus merges multiple orders into “one” order and guides the picking process through market hall zones. Several HFBs will be integrated into a few zones (based on individual needs), and pickers will collect all orders into trolleys from the dedicated zone. Once picking is done, the trolley will be moved into another zone or complementing area, where orders will be completed from different zones.




  • don't have to migrate individually across the whole store.
  • fulfill orders only within their assigned department.
  • are still capable of helping and advising customers within their competencies.

Order-based picking

Customer orders are processed by picking as on the go through the market hall.

Optimus merge multiple orders into “one” order and guides the picking process through market hall departments. In each HFB, will coworkers pick into trolley ordered articles and hand over the trolley to the next HFB and coworker or continue with picking till the end of the process?




  • have control over the whole order or hand it over to another HFB.
  • complete multiple orders at the same time.
  • walk fewer km daily as a grouping of orders will be optimized.

Optimus selects orders based on pre-defined criteria like walked distance, stock situation, and capacity in picking trolleys.

The Optimus task is to optimize coworkers' walking meters and the space capacity of picking trolleys.

Need more technical detail? Here you go

Optimus 4.0 streamlines planning and scheduling in a wide range of processes. It employs advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence when considering factors such as:


How best to use the time of your people, resources, or machines?

How to combine multiple schedules?


How can you fill a space the most effectively?

What is the best use of materials?


What is the best path to take?

How to combine tasks to minimize travel?

Optimus 4.0 gives you flexibility because it is:

  • Customizable for your needs
    • Thanks to modular architecture allowing easy customization to your requirements
  • Accessible by other your systems
    • Through easy-to-use REST API or simple integration to your databases and other systems
  • Hosted where you need it
    • in any primary cloud provider or integrated directly into your IT infrastructure

By using Optimus 4.0, you are joining some of the most innovative global companies that benefit from this platform.

Each Optimus 4.0 update is based on feedback and data from all the companies using the platform, not only from your company.

This fuels the super-fast learning of the platform and allows you to innovate with global pioneers.

2. Locate goods to within centimeters


UWB technology is made for that purpose and, based on triangulation, can allocate objects with up to 50-centimeter precision.

We can locate: 


  • Selecting the relevant coworker for assigning the task.
  • Coworker navigation.
  • Analysis and evaluation of coworker movement/picking process efficiency.


  • Notifying the operator of a new task.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the efficiency of the object movement/picking process.

The localization system comprises separate tracking tags, anchors for data collection, and an RTLS studio for data processing. The sensors in the area immediately record the movement of the tagged objects.

The app then clearly displays the specific tag positions of the coworker on a 2D map and the place of any item that should be picked. This makes the whole picking process more straightforward - even for new colleagues.

There is also a possibility to add additional sensors to the device, including a 3D navigationaccelerometer, compass, gyroscope, altimeter, thermometer, and more. 


3. Enjoy hands-free picking


Our 2D navigation and localization tools are a basic set for every coworker. But there are more options on how to boost coworkers' efficiency!

Smart glasses RealWear Navigator 500 is comfortable to wear and provides augmented reality to help coworkers with faster task completion & free their hands. 

This weightless gadget with a 48 MP camera includes a microdisplay for visual navigation - it's so easy to get to a specific location and find the article.

Become a pioneer of tech innovation


The heads-up scanner in glasses also enables to scan of the barcode.

Coworkers get all information about the article picked on a small screen.

The smart tablet application for Android will guide you through the whole order-picking process step by step.


One solution - many possibilities in the future

  • Logistics optimization
  • Empty space minimization
  • Goods fulfilment
  • Customer flow analysis
  • Customer navigation
  • Orders picking
  • Product returned to the shopfloor
  • Daily inventory

Check some case studies

ŠKODA Auto: Calculating the right pallet combination takes just 30 seconds


Optimus 4.0 considers the size and weight of all the cargo items and the space available in the shipping container. It plans the most effective spot for each item and gives the loading crew a step-by-step loading plan.

Just in the first year, this enabled company to:

  • increase 5% in volume loaded, save 300+ shipping containers
  • save €840,000,
  • reduce the time taken to select the right pallet combination to 30 seconds,
  • save 162 tonnes of CO2 emissions,
  • facilitate the training process for new staff,
  • detect systemic packaging errors.

TÜV SÜD planners save time when creating complex schedules for their inspectors


Optimus 4.0 considers all the complex factors when allocating TÜV SÜD teams to inspection jobs. It creates a schedule that can be quickly reviewed and adjusted.

This enabled company to:

  • Reduce workforce from 6 to 4 planners
  • React and re-schedule quickly when changes are needed
  • Improve the dispatch quality

Cosmetic industry: Optimisation of package filling reduced empty space ratio by 33%


A large manufacturer in the cosmetics and healthcare sector wanted to improve the space utilization of outgoing parcels in one of its distribution centers. Optimus 4.0 proposed solution optimized the number of shipments and their dimensions based on historical data.

This enabled company to:

  • reduce the empty space ratio in the parcels by 33%,
  • save more than 10% on packaging material.

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