Smart Pallet: Keep track of your merchandise and containers, from palletes to crates. Optimize your logistics with a robust Internet of Things platform.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Reduction of costs caused by the goods destruction or mishandling of goods, or poor transport conditions (temperature, humidity)

Key Benefit

Added value for your customers: in-time delivery and guarantee and confirmation of delivery quality

Key Benefit

More effective use of containers, reduction of the number of pallets in circulation to the necessary quantity

Key Benefit

Greater efficiency of container use; optimization of acquisition costs

Prevent the most common problems with containers

Do your goods often get lost, stolen, or destroyed by heat, inappropriate or rough treatment? The Smart Pallet is equipped with a sensor for collecting all the necessary data about shipment conditions. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) network, Smart Pallet will inform you if your merchandise is in an optimal state and correct location. An always-on connection to a smart network gives you complete control over your delivery.

All deliveries at your fingertips

The IoT network transfers data from the device to the Smart Pallet platform. The platform provides detailed information about what is happening with your merchandise (improper handling and shock detection), what are the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity), and the position of goods (localization of the pallet and tracking of its route). The app not only notifies you if conditions exceed preset limits, but it also gives you data for further analysis and reporting.

Ecological solution

The Smart Pallet platform can work with any container, from crates to semitrailers. If you want to optimize your logistic process even further, use an ecological pallet that combines the benefits of a plastic pallet with the price of a wooden one. It is made from 100% plastic recyclate, is hygienic, does not need to be treated with fungicides and insecticides, and is chemical-resistant. It saves transport costs, thanks to its lower weight.

Client Case-Study


Smart Pallet increased the reliability of deliveries

IMI CCI, a manufacturer of custom pressure fans, wanted to improve the efficiency of its logistics. The smart pallet combines an ecological pallet with the ability to localize pallets and monitor transport conditions. IMI CCI staff has, at their disposal, an overview of the current location of products, the ability to trace products, and information on the transport routes and storage conditions, thereby significantly increasing the reliability of their deliveries.

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