Advanced solutions

Using Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence, we gather unique data that wasn't previously available to you. We process it, use predictive modeling via our AI expertise to create insight, and present it in actionable form to facilitate data-based decision making in real-time.


The speed at which goods circulate is accelerating, while customer behavior grows ever more unpredictable and service expectations skyrocket. This puts increasing pressure on the whole supply chain; in all this, data insight is the key to deliver operational efficiencies, customer service excellence and improved business results.

What benefits can you expect from advanced solutions

  • Our holistic approach monitors and optimizes processes across the whole supply chain.
  • We help you monitor the complete product journey from raw materials through manufacture and distribution, all the way to the final customer interaction with the product during retail and omnichannel experience.
  • Key stakeholders can make data-based and AI-assisted decisions to improve operations and sales.
  • Fast development of IoT connectivity, non-invasive installation, smart battery devices and affordable prices allow for rapid digitalization via IoT.

Why choose Adastra to be your advanced solutions partner

  • Adastra is a market leader in complex data management for long-term partners across multiple industries.
  • Our smart IoT solutions aim to generate additional unique sets of data to integrate with existing data sources and provide enhanced insight.
  • As your partner, we will help devise a strategic implementation, identify complementary solutions to your existing processes, rapidly validate and implement your goals with minimal additional investment, and add value to your company.

I need to monitor my shipments

Get real time notifications and customized reporting with full control over your goods, as well as reusable packaging, transport and manipulation. We can track circular pallets, boxes, cages, containers, but also the goods themselves.

I want to build the store of the future

Improve sales and ROI, save costs and eliminate process inefficiencies. Digital-first stores build a seamless customer experience and a more effective use of your physical space. You will have predictions of future development data in real time, for better decision-making.

I want to optimize my transportation, resources and asset planning

Use artificial intelligence to find the optimal solution for route, shift and container occupancy planning, and significantly outperform manual or rule-based planning.


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