Application development

Application development

How to deploy a robust application that can handle millions of users in three months? How to approve loans online on a mobile? How to enable customers to navigate a store and find exactly what they need in a few seconds? Let us programme it!

Take advantage of our best practice gained during the realisation of dozens of successful projects for banks, insurance companies, retail chains, and manufacturing companies. It's not just about customer apps. Even the management decisions of large companies make increasing use of data displayed on mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

We develop apps for companies on four continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, and America). Our apps are used by more than 30 million end customers. Our largest customers include Chinese Mashang Consumer Finance.

Our apps are secure, high-availability and high-performance. We are flexible when agreeing SLAs, typically providing second- and third-level support, including on a 24/7 basis. Customers particularly appreciate our reliability and flexibility.

Our collaboration can take one of the following forms:

  1. In-house development and implementation of projects
    • Fixed in terms of delivery date and price
    • Ongoing deliveries for new product development
    • We develop apps together with the customer's development team
  2. Consultation services and support
    • Audits of the customer's development processes
    • Consultation focusing on development processes
    • Consultation focusing on the architecture of the application developed
    • Technical and technological consultation
    • Support services
  3. Leasing of development teams and specialists
    • Long-term and short-term

30 million end users on four continents use our apps.

With Adastra you can get:

  • a team of 130 experienced programmers and developers,
  • an objective assessment of which platform is right for you,
  • programmers specialising in Java, .NET, Kotlin and Swift,
  • reliable project managers,
  • and the certainty that we will successfully secure your project from the first line of code to the successful launch with predefined SLAs always on the mind.

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