Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the oil of the 21st century. It removes inefficiencies, eliminates human labour, and replaces experience. But to enable it to do this, we teach it, preferably using data. Using your data. What can artificial intelligence not replace? Empathy and understanding. At Adastra and Blindspot Solutions we arrange and streamline the rest.

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things

The most common use of AI is in production - artificial intelligence predicts or effectively prevents failures. This avoids unplanned downtime, minimising potential damage.

Supply chain

The supply chain is accelerating; instead of buying for stock, we deal with real-time order execution. We anticipate how much customers may order, reduce storage costs, and enable faster delivery.

Effective logistics

We can use artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce the cost of shipping goods or components by 30 percent or more.

Fraud detection

When detecting fraudulent behaviour, you must look for context within data, taking into account hundreds or thousands of indicators and data units. Artificial intelligence constantly updates the rules for detecting suspicious behaviour and continuously learns from new data. We make it ever harder for fraudsters.


The number of order frauds per telephone operator decreased by 30%. Artificial intelligence has been outstanding in its detection of fraudulent behaviour. The incidence of false positives was minimal.

Chatbot and virtual assistant

We effectively replace call centre operators or web chats with simple questions like "Where can I find...?", "Could you send me my last statement?" etc. In-house operators will have more time to handle more complex queries. We will improve your customer care.

E-shop personalisation

Make it easier for customers to shop and save them the most precious thing they have - time. Using artificial intelligence, we can personalise the display of your e-shop for every customer. Every customer first sees the items they like to buy and sees products within their preferred price range and quality level. They don't have to waste time going through lists of items that aren’t of interest. We use both cross-sell and up-sell to increase the value of orders. With us, you sell more, save your customers time, and give them a better shopping experience.

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