Intelligent video analytics platform

MACULA is an AI-powered video analytics platform that detects business, safety and security events from video footage in real time. It can also be applied in business analytics and customer satisfaction monitoring.

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70 %
of known fraud cases and additional unknown fraud cases detected
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Advantages of MACULA video analytics platform in practice

  • Time-to-action reduced to seconds.
  • Early warning due to parallel processing.
  • Automation of video processing workflow.
  • Keep decision-makers in charge.

Save time to analyze your video data

Businesses nowadays need to process and analyze big amounts of video content daily be it security cameras footage, surveillance or video streaming on-demand. Operators and analysts need a lot of time and effort to process large loads of video data.

Process terabytes of video data in parallel

MACULA platform processes terabytes of video data in parallel and detects a wide range of safety/security events in real time, measure business performance and customers satisfaction.

Reduce time-to-action to seconds

Based on previous deployments, we see that using automated video analytics with MACULA reduces time-to-action to seconds and improves the detection accuracy significantly.

How MACULA platform reduces time-to-action to seconds step by step

1) Detection

We design a large number of detectors that are specialized in different types of behavior and environment. The detectors are customized to detect only relevant issues.

2) Visualization

All required features are demonstrated directly in the provided video streams. On top of this, we provide a visual interface to display all the detected events and alerts for efficient management.

3) Integration

We connect directly to your video streams utilizing your existing hardware or ensure provisioning of compatible hardware.

4) Deployment

The platform can be integrated with various systems through an extensive API. It can be deployed in cloud or on-premises.

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  • People detection and counting.
  • Zone utilization.
  • Heatmap construction.
  • Automatically recognize people to enhance your customer support.
  • Analyze customer movements and improve zoning.
  • Detect safety incidents.


  • Distance management.
  • Violent behavior detection.
  • Unattended luggage detection.
  • Detect any suspicious behavior in time.
  • Inform authorities swiftly.
  • Improve efficiency of footage surveillance.


  • Unusual body position or collapse/injury detection.
  • Fire and smoke detection.
  • Health and hygiene regulations.

  • Lower costs of work significantly.
  • Smooth and efficient operation.
  • Keeping the employees safe.

Case study

Retail provider detected 70 % of known fraud cases and additional unexpected fraud cases

We detected shop assistants who commit fraud by stealin customer money. 

We developed a detector which process surveillance CCTV data, pair it with the data from points of sale and detect frauds. 

Platform is able to process videos from tens of shops in a batch over a night. The result is a detection of about 70 % of existing cases

Area: Computer vision, safety & security 


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