Optimus 4.0 platform

Automation tool for optimization and planning of processes and operations

The Optimus platform uses advanced algorithms to automate and optimize a wide range of processes in large-scale operations. The solution is fully customizable to the specific needs of your business and offers an early return on investment - within 1 year of implementation.

Streamline production, logistics or workforce utilization with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Decrease in manual planning
Compliance with business rules
Reduction in CO2 emissions

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Trust your planning to an intelligent system


The only technology for optimizing multiple processes and operations.


Build a plan that includes consideration of sudden changes in minutes, not days.


Automate the optimization with decision-making authority for changes. 

Our technology solutions


OptiRoute identifies the best routes for your transportation assets in any area, calculates realistic delivery times and dynamically updates routes based on current information. It also helps you streamline inter-warehouse transport, reduce overall transport costs and make your logistics greener.

You can reduce shipping costs by up to 20% and inter-warehouse transport by up to 60%.


OptiFit optimizes the sizes of the package types you use to minimize empty space, which saves on filler material and air freight expense. By increasing the capacity of transport vehicles and containers, you will achieve significant savings. The system will also provide you with better loading distribution to reduce the risk of damage.

You will optimize the ratio of empty space and filler in the packages by more than 30%, thus reducing the cost of packaging material.


OptiPlan analyzes billions of different options that match your preset criteria and constraints, and finds the optimal solution for scheduling shifts and assigning tasks to the right people. Clear visualization, including the ability to make manual changes without disrupting the entire system, makes it easy to explain the outputs, all of which gives managers greater control of your business.

OptiPlan offers more than 100 ready-to-use business rules for scheduling employees in complex manufacturing operations.

Opti tailor-made

Optimus 4.0 supports a range of production, staffing and skill constraints. It will include even the most challenging and complex processes and factors and calculate the best possible production plan in no time. In the event of breakdowns or changes in production volumes, it can also reschedule the entire system at lightning speed. This maximises the utilisation of production lines and reduces material waste.

You can build a plan in minutes instead of days, including incorporating sudden changes.

Easy to implement

Modular architecture that addresses your specific problems, including company policies, business rules, and legal requirements.

The ability to deploy the system on-premise, in the cloud, or as a direct integration into your IT infrastructure.

The platform can be easily accessed by other systems through a rich and extensible REST API.

Easily connect to your digital ecosystem for direct communication.


FMCG: 30% savings in logistics costs thanks to delivery optimization 

A Czech FMCG company wanted to digitize their logistics planning process, optimize existing delivery routes and plan new ones. After implementing the Opti platform, it was able to standardize its logistics planning and optimize delivery routes, resulting in a 30% cost saving. The solution also facilitated the company's business expansion into new regions.  


logistics cost savings by optimizing existing delivery routes. 

Services: Job scheduling makes fewer operators than before 

A global testing, inspection and certification company manages a comprehensive scheduling process to assign teams of inspectors for inspections and dispatch them to operations from multiple centers across China. The challenge was to develop a solution that would improve the scheduling system while taking into account complex business rules, travel conditions and massive demand during peak season. After deploying the optimization platform, the entire process can be managed more efficiently by only 4 operators instead of the original 6 people. At the same time, the system allows inspectors to make quick changes to their schedules when booking at the last minute. 

4 experts

instead of 6, now manage the entire system of planning inspectors' missions across China.

Cosmetic industry: Optimisation of package filling reduced empty space ratio by 33% 

A large manufacturer in the cosmetics and healthcare sector wanted to improve the space utilisation of outgoing parcels in one of its distribution centres. The proposed solution optimized the number of shipments and their dimensions based on historical data. As a result, it was able to reduce the empty space ratio in the parcels by 33% and save more than 10% on packaging material. 


reduction in empty parcel ratio. 

Automotive: 20% reduction in transport costs and C02 emissions

A major automotive manufacturer wished to reduce the overall costs associated with delivering goods from suppliers to the production site. By integrating the Opti optimization platform, the company was able to streamline efficient transport planning and reduce overall costs by 20%. It also reduced CO2 emissions during production by 20%.


reduction in overall costs and at the same time a reduction in CO2 emissions during production. 

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