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Smart document reader

ReeDee utilizes AI to extract and validate data from personal IDs, driving licenses, bank account statements and many other documents in real time to reduce costs, time and effort.

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90 %
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80 %
reduction of manual labour costs

Advantages of ReeDee smart document reader in practice

  • Less errors than human transcription.
  • Reduce fraudulent behavior.
  • Manual labour costs are reduced by 80 %.
  • Time effort is reduced up to 90 %.

Decreases time, effort and errors

Businesses nowadays support the remote onboarding processes that require customers to provide their identification and additional documents. However, the operators have to manually go through all these documents and enter the contained data into their back-office systems. This requires time, effort and can lead to errors.

Extract data automated and real-time

ReeDee service automatically identifies the type of the documents and in real time extracts all the necessary data from them into a structured format that can be easily processed in an automated way. The service also validates the document authenticity and prevents fraud.

99,5 % fields are read and extracted correctly

Based on previous deployments, we can see that over 99.5 % of received fields in the documents are read and extracted correctly within just seconds.

How ReeDee smart document reader reduces time up to 90 % step by step

1) Data extraction

The platform automatically identifies the type of the document (be it an ID or bank account statement scan).All necessary information for further processing is extracted automatically.

2) Verification

The extracted information is verified against fraud databases. The consistency check is performed to avoid fraudulent modification of the documents. The extracted data are verified based on the business needs.

3) Output

All relevant extracted information is returned by the platform in a machine-readable structured output via API.

4) Integration

The platform can be utilized as a service or it can be deployed on premise of the customer so that no data is sent outside of the company IT infrastructure.

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  • Data extraction from a wide range of documents like bank statements or IDs.
  • Validation against fraudulent modification.
  • Reduce time and effort with automated documents processing.
  • Prevent inconsistencies and frauds.
  • Reduce errors in documents processing.


  • Personal ID verification against life camera feed.
  • Anti-fraud check for extracted data.
  • Easy compliance with biometry liveliness check regulations.
  • Standard web or cellphone camera can be used.
  • Prevent fraudulent activity.


  • Real-time customers' data validation against provided (scanned) documents.
  • Document data extraction automation.

  • Reducetime spent ononboarding.
  • Reduce efforts on documents processing in the back-office.
  • Smooth operation.

Case study

Credit provider Zonky achieved more than 50 % of users registered fully automaticaly and saved over 10 FTEs

The goal of Zonky was to decrease the number of back-office workers, who were manually transcribing personal IDs into databases. We deployed ReeDee, a solution for a high accuracy automated personal ID mining. 

As a result, over 50 % of personal IDs were automatically transcribed and users seamlessly registered. The time of registration was reduced from days to minutes. 

Area: Banking, fintech, onboarding process, automation, document mining 


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