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Automation is changing industries and new technologies provide opportunities to gain competitive advantage. But it takes more to succeed than just implementing new technologies. To maximize business effects on new technologies, all stakeholders must be aligned around the new opportunities with the willingness to change the current way of working.

We help organization to understand the advantages of new technologies, identify automation opportunities, develop business cases around, test it in proof-of-concept mode and deliver full scale solutions with all supportive processes around.

How we help our clients

Paperless Digitization

Don't get hung up on bureaucracy, move to the next level in your digital processes. Increase productivity and profit, focus on your clients, and improve your services.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA enables you to scale your operational capabilities by transfering repetitive manual tasks from human to software robots, which enables your employees to spend more time performing tasks with higher value added.

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Enterprise Technology Advisory

A crisis is often a driver of progress. Companies are forced to optimize their processes and modern technologies provide them tools to do so. The crisis is your opportunity to strengthen market position. Adastra Group is your one stop shop partner for conversion of existing IT ecosystems into modern, cloud-first, secure, stable, and scalable solutions tailored to provide your business maximum competitive advantage.

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We work with an array of proprietary and third-party tools from leading partners across the automation ecosystem. We combine the right technologies and services to create an integrated solution that works for your business.

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