Big Data

Big Data

Your future profits are based on data. Take it.

Data has never previously been generated on the scale it is now. There is a massive amount of it and its volume is growing. People generate it by using various devices as do machines by their mere operation. At Adastra, we know not only how to collect and store data, but also how to interconnect and analyse it to make it useful. We can process various data sources in batches, as well as in real-time mode, on-premise or in the Cloud. We know how to handle data and use it for tasks you had previously only dreamed of.

Big Data for large and medium-sized businesses

Every large and medium-sized business, be it in finance, telecommunications, retail, e-commerce, or manufacturing, is now interested in Big Data. Their systems, production lines and clients are already producing Big Data. All you need to do is capture it. It can take the form of various logs, transactions, signalling data, sensory data, texts, images, voices or videos. Have you thought about which data you could actually use? Whether it's for the optimisation of production and processes, innovation of business processes, or communication with clients? The data-driven company is just around the corner.  

Big Data solutions designed and implemented by Adastra include:

  • building of Big Data platforms;
  • storing and processing of data into a useful form;
  • integration of data sources into a single place;
  • creation of a hybrid Data Lake (onpremise and in the Cloud);
  • movement of data from data warehouses to data warehouses, onpremise platforms and clouds;
  • data streaming;
  • creation of data catalogues;
  • architectural concepts for the incorporation of Big Data into IT architecture;
  • basic and advanced analytics (Data Science);
  • dissemination of awareness of Big Data (tailormade training and workshops).
163 ZB

In its prognoses, the IDC research company anticipates that a massive 163 zettabytes, or 163 trillion gigabytes of data, will exist in the digital world by 2025. How big is one zettabyte? To give you an idea, it is equal to enough digital music for you to listen to for two billion years.

By making data relatively easy to process almost in real time, and having a much richer database, Big Data can now be considered a gold mine. The collection and analysis of Big Data will help you to better understand not only business processes at every level of management, but also customer behaviour and desires.

However, some companies are not able to extract anything from this gold mine, and drown in the flood of data. The solution to this is closer collaboration between the IT department and the business, which is unavoidable for the efficient use of Big Data technologies. The benefits to the company resulting from the use of richer data sources, and where they can be applied, must be clarified.

Benefits of Big Data:

  • allows you to track different situations immediately, even over a long period of time;
  • saves costs;
  • allows you to view different events from different perspectives (e.g., through different departments) and get a comprehensive view to help you understand the market situation;
  • contribute to the development of a market-successful product.

The conversion rate for segmentation using Big Data for the textual analysis of bank labels improved 12-times.

Bank case study – Big Data increases conversions

Adastra has implemented several projects for domestic banking institutions. As a result of finding new and unexplored client information to date, the conversion has increased from 0.5% to 6-7%, i.e., twelve-fold, as the result of conversions achieved through direct mailing and call centres.

According to our estimates, the analysis of client data from social networks contributes to up to a tenth of the volume of loans provided at current levels of risk.

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