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The best companies are innovating, developing new products and services in the cloud, and bringing them to market before their competitors. In addition to cost-effectiveness, cloud solutions excel in scalability, flexibility, performance, continuous evolution and security. Let us guide you through the journey of digital transformation and innovation in the cloud.




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Most organizations are gradually moving all their business-critical data and applications to the cloud. Adastra's cloud experts can help you define your cloud strategy, select the right cloud provider, migrate your existing systems and build new clean cloud solutions. Leverage Adastra's expertise to accelerate your cloud-based digital transformation.

  • Our solutions are built on the most advanced technologies the world has to offer; you just need to make the most of them.  
  • We will consult with you on your needs.
  • We'll design a solution that solves your problems, and manage a smooth implementation including project management. 

Managed Cloud Services


We are Gold Partner Microsoft for Data Platform, Cloud Platform and Data Analytics.


As a proud Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner, we'll ensure a seamless migration from your corporate network environment to GCP so you can benefit from the many features and applications that set GCP apart.


Adastra as Advanced Consulting Partner AWS offers a myriad of solutions ranging from cloud migration and analytics to data science and data governance.


Adastra is OTN Member with active tracks for cloud service and HW and SW.

How cloud migration works


Infrastructure as a service



Proof of concept

measure the performance of a sample of your workloads in the cloud


Benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

are the total costs of ownership


Transforming decades-old solutions from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud doesn't happen overnight

Lift and shift

As a first step to the cloud, we recommend using a proven "Lift and shift" strategy to migrate workloads to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), in line with best practices. This approach will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge about managing workloads in the cloud before you start reviewing your cloud-based architecture. 

Proof of Concept

Migration often starts with a Proof of concept solution that takes a small portion of your workloads and measures their performance in a cloud environment. Due to the nature of the cloud, you don't have to think about setting up and sizing your infrastructure. You simply pay for what you use and then decide if that approach fits your needs. 

Platform as a Service

If you really want to take advantage of the cloud, you should consider moving to Platform as a Service (PaaS). This approach gives you the benefit of managed services, and you can focus on innovation instead of heavy administration. Another big advantage of PaaS is the total cost of ownership because it covers computers, software license, network, power supply and support in one invoice.

Every organisation can benefit from world-class data and AI

But not every organisation has the experience, capabilities and infrastructure to support such solutions.

Whether this is your core competency or you've decided to try until you make it, a managed services provider (MSP) can provide strategic data and AI services and solutions to support your efforts to grow within your core competency. 

We tailor our services to each client's unique requirements and support a variety of deployment scenarios: 

On-premises: we manage your environment exclusively on your devices. 

Cloud: leverage our cloud expertise and partnerships to build, host and manage your solutions on Azure, AWS or GCP servers. 

Hybrid: use our services to manage and support your applications on cloud and on-premises platforms 

PII Data Protector

The platform offers a centralized service for anonymization and de-anonymization of various types of personally identifiable data. There are two methods: tokenization or encryption. Both methods ensure that personal data is anonymised in the cloud, while the company's systems and communication channels work with the raw data without the need for modification. A browser add-on provides authorised internal company users with automatic translation of encrypted data into a readable form.

PII Data Protector can be integrated Bloomreach (ex-Exponea) Customer Data & Experience platform, or with any public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP...).

Benefits of PII Data Protector

In the event of an external security breach, the original value cannot be retrieved without access to the token tables or encryption key. Validated at high volumes of millions of records, the solution supports both batch and transactional data flow. It has minimal impact on the user - a web browser add-on is available that automatically converts encrypted data into readable form on the client side. It has no impact on the company's internal systems and communication channels. It is consistent with the microservices architecture. PII Data Protector has a graphical user interface for manual data encryption and decryption.

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ADELE is a user-friendly platform that easily allows users to migrate data pipelines from any legacy to a target platform, having full control over the process of the functional migration.

Data pipeline re-platforming can be tedious and time consuming. ADELE supports re-platforming to any of the Cloud environments which greatly increases the time to extract value on your modern data architecture. ADELE can also easily be leverage for on-prem to on-prem platforming as well.  ADELE’s intelligent mapping can also provide additional insights through reverse engineering the data pipelines to create data lineage mappings and extract metadata. 

Benefits of Adele

  • Provides data lineage and metadata reporting for deeper understanding
  • Rapid data pipelines re-platforming
  • Single-click migration to any cloud solution
  • Eliminates coding errors through automation

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