Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Transforming decades of legacy solutions from on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud does not happen overnight.

As your first step to the Cloud, according to best practices, we recommend you to use the tried and tested “Lift and shift” strategy to migrate your workload to the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This approach will enable you to gain the necessary knowledge about managing your workload in the cloud, before you start your cloud-based architecture revision.

Migration often starts with “Proof of concept” solutions, which take a small part of your workload and measure its performance in the cloud environment. Thanks to the nature of the cloud, you don’t need to think about provisioning and sizing your infrastructure. You simply pay for what you use and then decide if this approach matches your needs.

If you really want to benefit from the cloud, you should think about migration to the Platform as a service (PaaS). This approach gives you the advantage of managed services and your resources can focus on innovation instead of tiring administration. Another great advantage of PaaS is TCO, which covers computers, software license, the network, energy supply and support in one bill.

Adastra’s Cloud experts will work with you to understand your strategic objectives, define your target architecture, assess your current gaps and define a roadmap to success. Allow our team to accelerate your POC’s and amplify your production projects by defining a sound Cloud Strategy. We build strategies and provide original solutions to grow your business with peace of mind.

Cloud Advantage

Beyond cost savings, leading companies are leveraging Cloud services to take advantage of scale, flexibility, performance, continuous upgrades and weapons grade security benefits. Integrate Cloud into your Digital Transformation strategy and catalyze the next wave of your technology-driven innovation. In a digital economy where buyers demand mass customization, where product lifecycles continue to shorten, and where globalization lowers barriers to entry, success is contingent on an organization’s ability to innovate and transform at the speed of customer demand. We understand that and will guide you along the way.


Expected annual increase in Public Cloud adoption in Europe between 2019 and 2022. 

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Adastra’s Cloud experts leverage our Cloud 360 methodology to guide organizations through Assessment, Discovery, Targeting, Planning, Piloting and Migration steps. We help to de-risk your migration and accelerate your time to value. Let our Sherpas guide you on your journey to the Cloud.

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