CO2 Optimization

Several manufacturing areas, e.g. automotive business, face the need of balancing between the CO2 regulatory requirements and ambitious sales plans, with various short and long-term measures. Penalties imposed on above-threshold CO2 emissions are the main drivers for push towards reducing CO2 for all automotive manufacturers.  Failure to comply with statutory CO2 targets (eg. WLTP for European Union) may threaten the companies existence. We have proven experience across major automotive brands to deliver processes, methodologies and software, to keep your CO2 emissions under control. 

ADASTRA has experience to steer the CO2 emission levels in short and long-term period by analyzing business situation, calculating possible scenarios, and delivering tailor made software accordingly.

We can help you achieve business goals connected to CO2 optimization

Create CO2 emissions scenarios and review the key forecast metrics on any desired level – for total fleet and down to particular product in particular market.

Identify critical models and countries and adjust the sales plan accordingly.

Track the reasons for CO2 level changes: plans, technical parameters, production delay

Evaluate and balance between legislative targets and financial results

Have the process of CO2 scenarios adjustments transparent and controlled

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