Connected Cars

We have profound hands-on experience with topics related to wireless communication of cars with other systems (“connected cars”). Connected cars is becoming mainstream topic for automotive industry, fueled by speedy development of automotive driving. We can deliver substantial improvements in all steps of the funnel – starting from data collection, through data storage, towards data analytics, utilization, and monetization.

Data collection and processing

We can help you to collect, process, clean, and organize data from hundreds of sensors and data points in any connected car. We can show you how to load data into your storage, either on-premise or cloud, and prepare it for further analysis or reporting.

Data Analysis

We clean, transform, and model data to discover useful information for business decision-making. The purpose is to extract useful information from data and taking the decision based upon the data.

Geo Locations

Extracting geolocation data is crucial for personalized location-based offers and suggestions (e.q. guidance or contact to the closest service garage in case of an accident or failure, or offer for a discount for driver’s favorite shop).

Data Monetization

Data generated by connected cars can open brand new revenue streams one could not imagined yesterday. E.g. driver’s behavior can be used for insurance companies (user-based insurance), marketing, and for many other third parties´ applications.

Customer Products and Services Development

You sit down in your car, and the dashboard will display personalized offers and tips. And what about having the same information at your fingertips in your smartphone? We use data to drive the development of new products and services for your clients.

Factory and Service Improvement Based on Data Collection

Data from connected cars could be also used for manufacturing or logistics. I.e., to predict the type and time of repair based on data from vehicles and prepare your workshops and customer for visits. The data can be also used in improving the manufacturing of current and development of new models.


E-mobility means using electric powertrain technologies and charging infrastructure to enable the electric propulsion of vehicles and fleets. Analysis of collected data helps to use the infrastructure and your fleet in effective way.

Recommendations and Personalization

Where do you shop, do your brakes need changing soon, do you go on long trips, what is your usual gas station? We can use all this information in order to make the driver’s life easier. We can remind you to check you car into the service, send you coupons to your grocery store or suggest a better route to the weekend house.

AI and Machine Learning

Thanks to the cutting-edge AI techniques and machine learning algorithms we can derive information from your connected cars data and provide you with valuable insights to decide upon.

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