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Opening hours and workforce optimization

Optimize the opening hours and staffing at your branches thanks to people counting and tracking clients’ movements in the branch.

Consumers are very conservative in their decisions regarding financial and insurance services. Personal contact is still very important to them and, for the older generation, in many ways irreplaceable. Make in-person service more pleasant for your clients by optimizing the opening hours and workforce at your branches.

Our solutions, using technologies from the Internet of Things, allow us to continuously track the number of customers and their movement in your branches and at individual counters. As a result, we can determine exactly when and where the longest queues occur, which will help you to arrange appropriate opening hours and staffing. We’ll thus help you decrease waiting times, save your employees from becoming overloaded, and prevent your clients from becoming impatient and dissatisfied with the service in your branch.

50 %

According to research conducted by Ipsos, 50% of customers are bothered by long waiting times in branches.

Better experience, lower costs

With our help, you’ll be able to centrally manage and optimize customer experience at your branches, and you’ll know the answers to the following questions:

  • What are your branches’ current visit rates?
  • When do most clients come to your branches? Does this differ between branches or do the same rules apply in both large and small towns?
  • At what time of day and at which counters do queues usually form?
  • Does your staff have enough capacity to handle all your clients?
  • Are you wasting money on unnecessary personnel?

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