Creative advisory

We are Proboston - a creative agency that belongs to the Adastra Group. This is the best way to understand the tremendous potential of today's technology. We can deliver high-quality creative solutions closely linked to data and new technology models.


Core skills

A wide rank of skills, that can fit any client's needs.



If your company has set goals, but you don't know how to define your company's vision, brand strategy, brand values and define the right marketing strategies to achieve your goals, we're here to advise you and guide you to the right solutions.

Communication strategies will help you select affinity communication channels, for which we will create the ideal communication concept to capture and deliver the message or activate target groups for conversions.

Brand identity

Whether creating a new identity or rebranding, you can rely on us to create a corporate identity including logo, font, colors, manual design and training so that all your employees and partners know what is right and what is wrong.

Digital media

We like to design functional and attractive websites, micro sites and applications. In today's world, customers want to address their requirements online and it is extremely important that they find everything important in seconds. Everything you need is taken care of by our UX / UI designers in accordance with the specific requirements of your business.

Our experience also includes creating content for online campaigns for all types of digital media, as well as creating content on digital media in retail outlets.


Visual aspect and well-designed UX/UI increases the success of each project by 30%.

Production and motion design

We create videos and visuals in 2D graphics, 3D graphics, real live production or a combination of these techniques, which creates a wide range of creative uses.

Modern communication technologies

For example, one of our domains where we combine creativity with data is personalized videos that we can deliver to customers in real time when needed. Personalized videos are created by combining unified content for all customers with personalized elements such as name or geolocation data, purchased goods or services, etc. Customized content is more valuable to the customer, creating a more positive brand relationship, increasing conversions and activations, reducing cost.

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