Onboard your clients paper free!

Sign client contracts digitally - in a single app. You will eliminate human error, lower your expenditures, and save the time of both your salespeople and customers.


Work offline

Because proposals are stored in the cloud, your brokers can manage them anytime, anywhere, even when they are offline.


Maximum flexibility

The eModel app is flexible and can adapt to any market, making it easy to customize it to fit customer requirements. 


Cost decrease

Reduce costs for broker and trader training by improving regulatory compliance as well as proper timing for product launches. 

Three steps to faster, cheaper and easier contracting

1) Automatic checking of form completion

The salesperson enters basic client information into a digital form, and the application checks the fields for accuracy and completeness. A second validation takes place on the backend after the application form is submitted. Instant check increases efficiency and eliminates errors, while parallel backend validation significantly shortens the process.

2) User-friendliness and security

The client can validate the application in three ways: with a physical signature, a biometric digital signature, or electronic approval via email and SMS code. The whole process of signing the contract with a digital signature is user-friendly and completely secure for the client. 

3) Online overview of the contract status 

All contract drafts are encrypted by the application and stored in the cloud. The seller can access them anytime and anywhere, and can edit or add to them as needed. The application also keeps the vendor informed of the status of the client's application, and whether or not it is missing documents or data that need to be added. 

8 key advantages of eModel 

  • Significant increase in salesperson productivity. 

  • Less data transcription error, faster contract closing and verification process. 

  • A process that takes just a few minutes and a few clicks. 

  • Reduced overall costs through faster sales force training, staff time savings and less rework. 

  • Significant reduction in paper consumption. 

  • Variability of application use (computer, tablet, smartphone). 

  • Ability to use the app offline without fear of losing data or connectivity. 

  • Customization of the app to any company regulations, data protection conditions and your products. 


Case Study

Digital onboarding increased the productivity of MetLife insurance brokers.

MetLife, one of the world's largest insurance companies, chose to replace paper onboarding with a digital process. Adastra recommended the eModel application and helped the company build a solution from architecture design to analysis and development. 

The app is now available for all platforms, and has an easy-to-use interface for insurance brokers. The dashboard displays both in-progress and completed contracts, and brokers have a clear and intuitive overview. 

Replacing paper with digital processes has resulted in a significant increase in business process productivity; it has significantly reduced errors, while also reducing paper consumption by 90%. The faster process resulted in more than 3,000 forms being completed in the first month, leading to higher profits for the company.  


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