Switch from area campaigns to more efficient and better-targeted micro-campaigns.  Ensure maximum campaign profitability and don't overload or bother clients with irrelevant offers.

Go beyond traditional segmentation targeted at a broad audience. We make it possible for you to predict behaviour and reach out to closely defined client profiles, with a specific product at the right moment. Increase sales potential and revenue from existing clients, while minimising the risk of them going to your competitors. 

With us, you start creating micro-campaigns that select and target clients with the highest purchasing potential. Not only is the response to a well-targeted offer up to 16 times greater, but by not addressing clients with a lower probability of buying, you will save communication costs while avoiding client communication overload.  

By utilising the large amount of data at your disposal, you can accurately target groups of clients most likely to respond to a particular message or offer; or reach out with well-built predictive models. We make it possible for you to integrate, consolidate, and harness various data sources with years of history, such as log entries, non-activity data, customer centre operator records, call centre voice recordings, records of complaints, as well as various articles and comments on social media, which we link to each other. Cleverly defined keywords reveal what clients really worry about, want, and need.  


Efficiency of personalised micro-campaigns is 8-16 times greater compared to classic area campaigns.

Predictive models and contextual marketing

These are two very similar concepts in which we reach out to a customer based on a certain immediate situation.  Predictive models utilise the principles of next-best action or next-best offer and do not focus on a microsegment, but on a specific customer. Contextual marketing combines predictive models with the current situation, and further refines the focus and relevance of the offer.

Effective management of customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Sophisticated client portfolio management and microsegmentation client value require the interaction of individual microsegments. Microsegment clients have very similar behaviour and affinity to the purchase of services, and similar ARPU potential. Microsegments are behavioural, i.e., truly homogeneous, and interactions between microsegments can indicate the most likely paths to higher profitability, and which bidding sequences need to be developed. 

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