Next Best Action engine. Processes the client data automatically and suggest the most suitable offer in milliseconds.


Key Benefits

Increase response rate and customer engagement

Decrease marketing costs

Increase revenues

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Bringing the highest business value

Enhance your campaign management solution with Next Best Action engine. It offers a product, service or care that has the highest propensity of materialization and brings the highest business value for the company. It offers real-time calculations, cross channel integration, creating highly converting inbound campaigns.

Creating highly relevant offers in milliseconds

Next Best Action triages the customers according to three different criteria – sales potential, needs fulfilment level and life situation. Segmentation finds out sleeping dogs, upsellable customers, determines if there is an unmet need and also evaluates life situation severity. Next, you define your actions in a simple Action repository and set the eligibility conditions. The Next Best Action tool returns the most suitable offers for this client within a few milliseconds.


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Client Case-Study

Leading mobile provider sells products and services with one-click activation

One of the leading mobile providers in Europe wanted to provide their customers entering to any inbound channel the best offer in real-time and one-click activation offered products or services via one centralized tool. This telco mobile provider didn't have any tool which could calculate, arbitrate or prioritized offers in real-time. Also the possibility to provide one-click activation was dependent on development of each channel.

With Next Best Action, this telco company can provide their customers the best offers in real-time, not only in inbound but also in outbound channels. Each of these channels can use one-click activation without any complex development on channels side. After implementation of NBA, this telco immediately started to sell their specific products and services via one-click activation in online channels, which wasn't possible before.

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Tomáš Synek

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