Anticipate your customers’ shopping behavior

Shopping basket prediction

Predict the contents of your customers’ shopping baskets and gently offer them the goods they usually buy. Save them time and optimize your inventory.

Whether you’re an online shop or a physical store, you have plenty of data about what, when, and how often your customers make a purchase. This data might be gained from loyalty systems or receipts, or thanks to in-store sensors or tracking customer journeys on your website. We’ll teach you how to use it all effectively.

Purchase history reveals the most

We’ll help you use your customer’s purchase history to anticipate what he or she will buy next. Be proactive with our shopping basket prediction, for which we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and offer your customers a good deal on the products they usually buy, accessories from among your special promotions, or any other opportunities for an upsell.  We’ll define these patterns for you, including any necessary exceptions such as inappropriate products for minors, vegetarians, and so on.

With our solution, we’ll also make sure that you as a retailer remain cost-effective and don’t simultaneously lower the prices on two products that customers usually buy together. We’ll thus prevent avoidable declines in your sales.

Use and mine data that tell you what exactly your customer was looking for, as well as details about which products or services he or she was browsing on your channels. In the context of proactive marketing, you can use this information, for example, for specific price reductions or offers of an extended warranty via targeted push notifications.


Just 11% of retailers believe it’s possible to mine their sales data. (Source: E&Y)

Optimize your inventory

Based on information about your customers’ shopping behavior, we’ll also help you efficiently manage your warehouse and inventory. This will make it easier for you to optimize the volume of merchandise in your stores and e-shop stock according to your customers’ real needs. You’ll then be able to prepare for higher demand before the weekend or public holidays, or even with regard to the current weather forecast.

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