Accelerate your sales with a new way of digital communication. Invite your customers and partners to meet, sign contracts, or introduce new products virtually.

Virtual showroom

Key Benefits


Streamline your sales process, hold more sales meetings, and save time on travelling


Reduce costs associated with physical branches and meeting points


Increase customer engagement and experience with a completely online customer journey


Help sales to achieve better client product understanding


Virtual showroom brings your clients closer – even online

Do not rely on routine Zoom meetings. Virtual showroom allows you to give your clients an immersive, branded experience, even when communicating online. It can serve as a virtual branch, training center, webinar, or conference room for your meetings and presentations.

Dynamic sales with wow-effect

A prospect decides in the first 20 seconds, and in Virtual Showroom, the first impression is simply "wow". Retain client engagement and attention using 3D presentation tools and interactive elements, such as videos, JPGs, sounds, PDFs, etc. Create your own interactive menu that you can change while you are giving your presentation and upload content that is relevant to each decision maker. All can be customized according to your client’s needs.



Levels of virtual experience

Virtual showroom can be as simple as voice and video transmissions, but you can also share content, verify and sign documents, and more. For a more immersive experience, options let you create a room with avatars, implement a virtual shopping cart module, and add 3D content and interactivity, recreating your branches.

Client Case-Study

Virtual branch of major Slovak bank for lead generation

A major Slovak bank used Virtual Showroom to create a virtual branch for private meetings with clients, where they would be able to sign documents, share screen, and collaborate. Virtual Showroom reduced the cost of physical branches and travelling and yielded better access to bank services.

Increased process efficiency in the manufacturing industry

The project serves as a business and communication platform for visualizing the company's offer and can replace trade fairs and events. The proposed solution helped the company to communicate their products to customers quickly and efficiently. The innovative remote solution has accelerated the business process, reduced travel costs, and helped handle more clients at once.

Innovative solution for education in the pharmaceutical industry

The main goal was to create an interactive Virtual space where the participants will communicate with predefined content, which will be a combination of product and educational content. The aim is to present the company as a stable and innovative partner in Cardo medical solutions. The Virtual booth is a flexible company presentation that can be customized and modified for various types of events. The platform also includes traffic analysis, to determine the behavior of participants.

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