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Deep customer insight helps organizations to create value via offers and solutions tailored to customers needs.

We help organizations to outperform competition via building customer insight and innovative sales and marketing approach.

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Customer Acquisition & Lead Management

Marketing is becoming more expensive, customers are becoming less loyal on established brands. So companies need to get smarter in their acquisition. There are 2 basic areas, companies need to work on: lowering the cost of acquiring new customers and leveraging the loyal ones.

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Customer Insight

We can help you to find the most important as well as original and differentiating insights about your portfolio, which will then lead you to actions to support new customer acquisition as well as nurture the relationship with your current ones.

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Customer Value Management

We help organizations to effectively work with customer lifetime value via set-up or optimization of Customer Value Management processes or the fine tuning of PtB and other statistical models.

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Omnichannel Campaigns

Instead of thinking separately of call centers, branches, or digital channels, we'll need to change the approach to the omni channel one. And that pays especially for campaigns. Branches, call centers, digital channels, all need to be part of one communication flow following a common goal. 

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Retention and churn management

An effective churn management process is a good tool to increase overall company profitability. To achieve this goal, however, you need to understand the value of your customer, their preferences and motivation as well as properly set-up the bottom line on how much costs an organization can spent to keep particular segments of customers on books. 

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