Data Workflow Orchestration Engine

Master, automate & orchestrate all your data workflows under one hood

Dafne is a data workflow & orchestration tool enabling easy and management of all your data pipelines & workflows. One tool covering end-to-end orchestration across multiple cloud & on-premise solutions.

Key benefits


End-to-end workflow connectivity to any data platform


User experience & intuitive GUI


Insights into workflow performance to address optimization

When to use Dafne


When you need to automate, manage and orchestrate complex data pipelines and workflows


When you need to increase performance and reduce data load times


When you need to increase reliability of your data platforms


When you need to orchestrate the multi platform environment – On premise or in Cloud


Key features of Dafne

  • Dafne will help you to build & define all your data workflows. In the workflows you will be able to easily schedule, manage and monitor all the data pipelines across various data platforms.
  • By ensuring visibility through dependencies, priorities and internal constrains, you will easily be able to improve SLAs and performance.
  • Keeping operating personnel always informed about the overall status of the processing is the matter of course.
  • Graphical interface will support self-service management of all tasks & processes, including history & details.

Dafne Capabilities


Orchestration insights

  • Provides intuitive, smart and detailed information and analysis of your data workflow, giving your IT processes high transparency and more control when managing data
  • Through bespoke report analysis, this product significantly improves your business delivery in core areas, including an increased ability to meet your SLAs
  • By tracking workflow changes in real time, it uncovers any performance related errors and anomalies as they happen. This provides your IT teams with the tools necessary for rapid troubleshooting through critical path visualisation, thus markedly reducing the risk of problems escalating and becoming critical

Data Pipelines

  • Manage and streamline workflow orchestration from all modern data platforms by automating complex data pipelines across diverse infrastructure and multi-cloud environments
  • Achieve an all-around visibility of the data pipeline at every key step, from data acquisition, through to processing, storage and analytics
  • Such automation ensures effective data integration and better control of all your workflows, saving you time coordinating multiple tools, minimising potential problems and coding errors 



  • Simplify orchestration of complex workflows across multiple cloud environments, platforms and technologies  
  • This ensures your workflows (including file transfers, applications, data sources and infrastructure) are more streamlined and delivered faster

Self Service

  • Intuitive web interface enables orchestration of your workflows on the go, enabling employees and developers to stay connected through their iOS or Android mobile devices anytime, anywhere
  • Fast and simple installation


SLA Management

  • Enables more effective workflow planning and troubleshooting of disruptions that may impact SLA delivery
  • Incidents in critical business services can be prioritised and corrected faster and more reliably
  • Automated alerts and predictive SLA delay detection

Workload Archiving

  • Your historical data are knowledge, and knowledge is power
  • Archiving your data history means more accurate identification and resolution of issues, faster audit delivery and compliance
  • Effective search feature and easy to navigate interface ensures quick access to information


Site Standards

  • Simplify and improve business delivery through automated development and enforcement of site standards
  • Accelerates change requests and time-to-production for application workflows
  • Defines standards for multiple environments, ensuring workflows are accurate and can be built or modified quickly
  • Enables operations to check for any development changes and make promotion decisions
  • Drag-and-drop workflows that eliminate the need for manual scripting

How Dafne helps our clients



  • Thanks to Dafne, the original DWH load time has shortened by 75% after the implementation
  • Dafne is successfully orchestrating and managing the data pipelines and data workflows since 06/2010
  • Over the years it has expanded to manage and orchestrate also Big Data platform and Cloud along with DWH, all operated under one hood


  • In case of Union, the original DWH load time has shortened from  5 hours to 45 minutes after the implementation
  • Dafne is successfully orchestrating and managing all DWH data pipelines since 01/2022


  • Dafne is an integral part of the newly developed DWH in Erste Bank Serbia
  • Already managing 3000+ tasks in 70 Workflows

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