Data Analytics

To gain competitive advantage, businesses increasingly rely on data analytics and visualization - regardless of industry or company size. This is why companies today are tackling matters of the acquisition, storage and analysis of data from many sources and in a wide range of formats. Companies large and small are fast transforming themselves so as to make data-driven decisions. And in so doing, they leverage technologies that are adapting and evolving and as quickly to their needs

6 benefits we offer our clients

  • Accurate, timely and unbiased information that allows you to quickly and easily turn data into insight, and take action
  • Visualizations of trends, relationships including the ability to create custom solutions (self-service BI)
  • Data that is accessible from a single user-friendly interface at different levels of management.
  • · Comprehensive perspectives of issues through integrating data sourcesThe ability to use data for both basic and advanced/predictive analytics and modeling
  • The ability to make decisions based on tailored operational reporting and to set criteria for notifications

Why choose Adastra for data analytics

We pay significant attention to data analytics, and focus on both the deployment of modern technologies and their embedding in IT architecture, as well as the benefits this brings to your business.

We build solutions that clarify consumer reports and aid in making effective decisions, so that you need not spend days preparing reports, but can focus on the value added by the data.

We build an analytics environment wherein your business can readily develop and prototype models, and also deploy them in production and monitor their performance.

With our help, companies quickly and easily turn data into insights and take important actions


As part of reporting, we analyse the data and put it into context. We don't display a set of unclear tables, graphs and numbers, but offer clear graphics with visualised real value.

Data science

Medium and larger companies today have a lot of data and opportunities to capitalize on it to improve their business. For example, advanced analytics can give them insights into how likely their clients are to buy more products and services, what services they might be interested in, or how they navigate websites and mobile apps. Machine learning algorithms can detect weaknesses in the production process or unfair client behaviour. 

Our products for data analytics

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Dagmar Bínová

Data Science Lead