Data Analytics

A competitive advantage hidden in your data

Companies across industries are gaining competitive advantage by using data analytics and data visualization. Adastra will help you not only with data acquisition, but also with secure storage and analysis. Our reporting solutions, data science or data analysis products are among the best on the market.    

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Benefits for your business


Accurate data

Quick and reality based data that makes it easy to make effective action.


Secure use of data for basic and advanced/predictive analytics.

Easy control and management

Data accessible from one friendly user interface with different levels of control.

Customized solution

Visualization of trends, relationships, including the possibility of creating your own solutions (Self Service BI).

Data Integration

A comprehensive overview thanks to integrated data sources.


Tailor-made operational reporting based on own notification criteria.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Every user receives the necessary information on time, in a format that is easy to navigate and on any device.

BI solutions

Data science

Planning, budgeting, forecasting

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Dagmar Bínová

Big Data & Data Science Team Lead