AI-Driven Analytics

AI-Driven Analytics

Now, you now longer have to turn to overloaded data specialists, analysts, and IT support. Ask your company data for business facts just as you’d ask Google about everything else.

The more data companies have these days, the less information they’re able to get from them, primarily because of their analysts’ overburdened workload. This will change, thanks to Adastra. We’ll help your employees find hidden perspectives in your company data within seconds and without any training. All they need to do is use a search engine.


The power of thousands of data specialists

It’s not easy to know where to look for connections that aren’t visible at first sight, or wait for days for someone to create the right report. We’ll help you integrate SpotIQ Artificial Intelligence into your analytics, and so acquire all the data you need for your business decisions in just a few clicks.

Thanks to Adastra, your business will always have the required context at hand, and your data specialists will be free to carry out more advanced analysis.


In 2019, the Gartner Magic Quadrant included this solution in the quadrant of leaders among analytics and BI platforms.  


We will help you uncover anomalies, identify leading indicators, isolate trends or segment your data

Benefits for business:

  • Easy to use – anyone can analyze the data and build a dashboard for themselves in a matter of seconds.  
  • No waiting – all reports are immediately available; all you have to do is ask the search engine.
  • Search help – dynamic search suggestions always help you specify your query.

Benefits for data analytics:

  • Facilitating work – no more task backlogs = more time for strategic work with data.
  • Real-time calculations – accurate and instantaneous calculations at any level in real time.

Using Artificial Intelligence in your searches offers opportunities that will radically change the way your company works. 

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Jan Bednář

AI-Driven Analytics Competency Lead