Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence makes it possible for you to collect and analyze business-related data so that managers can easily use the information to make key decisions.

An integral part of Business Intelligence (BI) is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Outputs in the form of dashboards are increasingly displayed on mobile devices and, as a result, Data Governance is more and more demanding, i.e. the quality of processing and storing data.

Every user gets the information they need in a timely manner and in a format that’s easy to navigate on any device, from wherever they are. That’s why we offer both mobile BI and self-service BI. This makes it possible to access data for immediate decision-making.

A good Business Intelligence solution:

  • Shows comprehensible information to different user groups;
  • Provides every level of the management team with relevant information, so they can track performance and measure the success of products and services, assess marketing and communication strategies, and evaluate customer satisfaction;
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual reporting;
  • Makes it possible to effectively use events, trends, patterns, and types of behavior, as well as their detailed analysis.

According to 75% of respondents to a Dresner Advisory Services study, data storytelling will be crucial for the further development of BI in their organizations.

Business Intelligence stands and falls with the data warehouse, as well as with the BI Competency Center (BICC).

At Adastra, we’ve successfully built data warehouses for more than 20 years, and we’re looking forward to sharing our experience with you.

A data warehouse is never finished, nor is it ever completely tidy. Data is constantly flowing into it, its structure and content are constantly evolving, and it constantly needs to react to changes in the organization.

Adastra will make sure that these changes are controlled, directed, don’t work against each other, and that everyone knows what’s actually happening in the data warehouse. We’ll ensure a consistent overview of the customer, product, and other entities through proper consolidation and unification.

BI and data warehouse auditing

Do you want to verify that your data warehouse reflects your company’s current processes and needs? We just need a couple of days to review the existing state of your BI, define requirements, and help you either redesign your BI or build a brand new platform.

Complex outsourcing or in-house BICC? We’ll help with either.

In a small organization, two people in the BICC are enough. In a large one, there can be many more. If you prefer not to rely on us as long-term partners, but to manage the operations of your BICC alone, we’ll be happy to help you choose BI specialists, define their roles, and set up an activity plan for the first six months of running the center.

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