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Automated annual reports and statements, including XBRL tagging in accordance with ESEF taxonomy, in a Microsoft Office environment, aimed at promoting effective teamwork

Create your external, internal, regulatory and statutory reports efficiently, effectively and in accordance with ESEF taxonomy, and do so in the familiar environment of Microsoft Office.

Disclosure Management handles the process of publishing financial statements, reports, and presentations, including all annual reports, both internally (for management, owners and company stakeholders) and externally (for regulatory bodies).


Simplify preparing data and publishing reports

Automate manual work; link your reports to data sources.


Meet the latest legislative requirements

Map your reports using XBRL tags.


Tell the whole

Find the stories hidden in the data.

Eliminate manual processes and save time with a modern solution from insightsoftware (Certent) – the market leader in the field of regulatory reporting.

2 days

Business users are able to work with the solution completely independently after a two-day training course.

3 months

Deploying an initial insightsoftware (Certent) solution into a holding company, group or large organization usually takes just a couple of months.

5 years

Adastra is implementing the insightsoftware (Certent) solution in large corporations both within the Czech Republic and abroad.

Focus on content quality and work efficiency with insightsoftware (Certent) Disclosure Management


Halve the time it takes to create internal and external narrative reports


Simplify and automate the reporting & disclosure processes


Ensure that every report is based entirely on current data and represents a single version of the truth


Gain full and auditable control over document changes and versioning


Meet the latest legislative requirements

Bring Speed, Accuracy, and Consistency to a Laborious, Error-Phone, and Difficult-to-Control Process


Annual & Quarterly Reports


Preliminary Reports


Statutory Accounts


Solvency II (EIOPA) Reporting




COREP (Common Reporting) / FINREP (Financial Reporting) (EBA) 


Press Releases & Regulatory News Service Announcements




Results Presentations, Board Packs & Budget Books


ACFR reporty (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

5 key features of Disclosure Management from insightsoftware (Certent)


Integration with Microsoft Office – guarantee yourself ease of use

  • There is no need to learn anything new: use your existing knowledge of standard Microsoft Office tools to create complex documents comprising numbers, graphs and text. 

  • Extend Microsoft Office functionality with additional security features, audit trails, and automated data integration.

Automation – keep both your internal and external reporting consistent

  • Automatically roll over reports to the next period, with the latest data, to jump start the report creation process. 

  • Use dynamic text based on variables – in multiple output optinos incl. Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe InDesign, and High-Definition HTML, iXBRL, XHTML. This ensures that all your reports will contain the same numbers and will always refer to the correct dataset.


Version control, workflows and audit trails – reduce the risk of errors and increase security

  • Everything is clear – keep track of the status of individual document sections and deadlines for closing the books, monitor the assignment of responsibilities, and use automatic notifications.

  • Ensure that employees only see the information they are authorized to access, and only when they need it.

  • Use standard Word functionality to compare versions, including auditable changes.

A direct connection to multiple data sources – work exclusively with the latest and most up-to-date data

  • Link the text/comments as well as the actual data in your statements or annual reports directly to the source data, and never find conflicting or obsolete numbers or descriptions anywhere again.

  • Automatically propagate changes in the source data to all your reports: work with a single version of the truth and eliminate human error.


A solution for XBRL – meet the reporting needs of multi-national organizations

  • Start using XBRL tags in real time: as soon as you make the first or subsequent submission, you will immediately find out about any potential errors. The insightsoftware (Certent) solution upholds global XHTML mandates and aligns with IFRS and ESMA/ESEF standards. 

  • Just tag the data once and then reuse the established tags with updated values, thus reducing risk and eliminating redundancies.

  • Review and approve iXBRL documents for accuracy and data quality before submitting them to the regulatory authority, saving time and money.

  • When you are tagging your document, the dynamic report preview allows you to compare the original document and XBRL labels.

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