Dynatrace (APM)

Less errors, higher speed and apps under control

It is time and various resources consuming to ensure the smooth operation of complex and diverse software ecosystems. Dynatrace is the market leader in APM (Application Performance Monitoring). Adastra brings this unique intelligence software platform to the domestic market. 


of Adastra's experience with the successful implementation of Dynatrace

90 %

drop of complaints and application incidents after the Dynatrace implementation

50 %

reduced the response time when loading an online calculator in big insurance company


Adastra is the only company in the Czech Republic to have received the Dynatrace Professional certification

Benefits for your business


Fix the problems quickly

It can take months in complex enterprise systems to fix the problem. Dynatrace can do it in a few days.


Best apps rating

Dynatrace reduces the number of reductions, application incidents and increases application speed by 50 %.


Verified tool

Dynatrace has been a world leader in application monitoring for 11 years.


Effective cooperation

Across the company - from development to the operation and sell.


Better business results

Efficient processes reduce costs and increase performance.


Full service

We provide implementation, integration, user training and local support. 

Why is application speed so important?

If your web app is just one second slower, the conversion rate decreases by 7%. Therefore, user experience is very important and application performance issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. Application Performance Management/Monitoring (APM) application helps in this regard.

Adastra is a partner of the unique Dynatrace solution, which the Gartner analytics company has named APM market leader eight times in a row. It employs artificial intelligence to evaluate application performance issues in real time and accelerate their resolution. It can significantly lower the cost of application performance issues, improve user experience and reputation, save costs.

Dynatrace aggregates data from all levels of the application, from the user interface, through the network and server, to code level. Customers save 80 to 90 % of the time they would normally spend troubleshooting. IT teams specializing in application development and operation can increase their efficiency by 75 % and the implementation of innovations is 80 % easier.

Adastra has been successfully implementing this tool for more than 10 years, with more than 20 TOP companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


For large enterprise companies




Insurance companies


Telco operators

Dynatrace platform



IT traffic management using artificial intelligence allows you to effectively manage infrastructure, networks, resilience, capacity and security.


DevSecOps automation

Securing development and operations to optimize compliance costs and accelerate software development.


Cloud integration

With all major cloud technologies and platforms, Dynatrace supports more than 560 technologies.


When is the right time for application monitoring?

How to reduce the number of IT complaints about the operation of systems in companies? And why do some customers have technical issues and others don't? Get the answers in our podcast interview with Jiří Kurejko, an expert in application monitoring.

Case studies

Bank: Dynatrace in 2 hours fixed error, which IT experts had been looking for months



hours to find and fix error in the app

Every day at the same time. The bank's internal back office system slowed down so much that it was not possible to work in it for a few tens of minutes. The system was connected to dozens of servers and other banking systems and it has collapsed regularly for several months. The bank's IT experts have been unable to detect and solve the problem due to its very complex nature.

Adastra deployed a solution for Dynatrace application monitoring, which provided a transparent view of the detailed operation of the application and linked it with metrics from logs and the entire infrastructure. Thanks to application monitoring, the team reached the level of the code itself during several days of analysis. After discovering the cause, only two hours were enough to eliminate the problem.

Insurance company: Application monitoring almost eliminated complaints about the app


90 %

incidents were solved thanks to Dynatrace

50 %

faster application

If insurance company's system doesn't work as it should, the broker can either complain about technical support or simply sell the services of another provider to the client. This was also the case with our customer, a large insurance company, which began to record a number of complaints about the operation of its business system.

Adastra deployed the Dynatrace solution, which not only stabilized the application, but also accelerated it by 50 %. The number of incident reports dropped by 90 %, which rapidly reduced the workload of the IT team. In addition, IT experts now continuously monitor the application and they can detect and resolve errors before the user arrives.

Bank: By identifying critical points before launching the new system, the bank saved 90 % of time for troubleshooting 


90 %

time saved thanks to Dynatrace

As part of the development and testing phase of the new Internet banking, the bank has already approached Adastra to help it ensure a smooth start in cooperation with the application supplier. Because it usually costs many times more to fix a problem within an already functioning system than if the risks can be solved before launch.

The bank was well aware of this. Deploying application monitoring on a specific system in test mode facilitated the detection of errors itself and minimized later arguments with the solution provider over the causes of problems. As a result, the bank saved almost 90 % of the time it would otherwise have to spend troubleshooting while the application was running.

Mobile operator: Dynatrace pointed to the exact piece of broken code 


percent units

of incidents are enough for Dynatrace to solve the problem

Customers complained to their provider about complications with logging in to the web self-service, but according to the internal IT department everything worked fine. The problem affected only about 5 % of users, which made it even more difficult to discover the real causes of the problems.

Deployed Dynatrace application monitoring within a few days pointed to code-level. And at the same time Dynatrace discovered other errors, which ultimately slowed down the application for customers.

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