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"People do not want data, they want answers." We know how to integrate, transform and visualize your data in the most powerful and effective way. We have professional internal team of consultants with deep knowledge and broad experience of Power BI technologies and business processes.


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Why to adopt Power BI?

  • Leader among other BI Platforms.
  • Brings AI-powered data insights for your business.
  • Facilitates highly customized and visually stunning reports.
  • Unifies, defines and secures data from internal and external sources in reusable datasets.
  • Provides an intuitive environment for self-service and ad-hoc analysis.
  • Enables fast delivery: rapid development leads to fast decision making.

Your data asset as a game-changer. Anytime and at any device

We work with Power BI from its very beginning. Since then we have helped our customers to gain meaningful insights from their data to empower business decisions. 

  • various range of clients from promising start-ups to transnational corporations

  • more than 40 Power BI professionals in Adastra CZ

  • over 60 analytics solutions successfully delivered in Power BI

In Power BI we combine our IT and business expertise

IT consulting

  • Transitioning from a legacy BI technology to Power BI
  • Business analysis of customer needs
  • Revising existing architecture and reporting processes
  • Designing reports and storytelling
  • Developing reports
  • Implementing advanced solutions, including AI features

End-users education

  • Implementing self-service and ad-hoc reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Sharing outputs
  • Option 1: on standard data and predefined scenarios
  • Option 2: on customer-selected data and predefined scenarios
  • etc.


  • PoC implementation

  • Complete report-set implementation

  • Custom visuals development

  • Platform implementation

  • Platform administration

  • Platform maintenance

  • Full project implementation (E2E)

  • etc.


Here you got clickable report!

Play with data analytics about returns for imaginary office equipment shop.

See what products are being returned the most, in which region and time.

Get main KPIs, their trends and slice them by year or region.

Get insights from key factors influencing on order being returned using AI visual.

Drill down into different data levels of every chart or switch from charts to tables.

Our methodology of building Power BI solution

1. What’s up?

  • Understanding business needs
  • Gathering requirements
  • Discussing our additional suggestions with business
  • etc.

2. Analysis and solution design

  • Revising existing architecture and its sufficiency
  • Defining KPIs and report criteria
  • Designing new architecture and reporting processes
  • Creating implementation roadmap

3. Data integration and preparation

  • Data acquisition from source systems
  • Data transformation 
  • Data cleansing
  • Creating extra columns or tablest
  • etc.

4. Creating reusable datasets, providing one point of truth

  • Calculating metrics
  • Defining data model and security
  • Setting up relationships between tables
  • Bringing sense into data: categorization, description and formatting
  • etc.

5. Reports development

  • Building report elements: pages, charts, buttons
  • Implementing interactivity and functionality
  • Reports designing according to company branding and best data visualization practices
  • Solution testing and finetuning

6. Maintenance and support

  • Documenting solution
  • Educating business users and data analysts
  • Supporting users with self-service analysis and accesses
  • Ensuring solution is always up and running
  • etc.

Success stories

COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Large Software Development Company

Platfrom Adiministration and Data Reconciliation Reporting for more than 800 users

  • We arranged support for more than 800 users on the Power BI platform.

  • Our training report for report creators familiarized with the best tips for self-service development and gave them an understanding of how to connect to the data correctly.

  • We created a brand new reusable template for report creators, sim plyfing and improving reporting processes

  • Our redesign of existing reports improves users visual information, which in turn facilitites quick business decision-making and keeps the company functioning at its best.

  • The data models improved performance allows data to be processed fster and streamline wotk efficiency. 



Performance Analysis and Improvement page loading accelerated from 3 minutes to 10 seconds
  • We successfully helped to optimize all aspects of reporting: servers, data mining, data modeling, programming calculations, data visualizations, and storytelling.
  • Page loading was accelerated from 3 minutes to 10 seconds.
  • We created extended documentation for the client’s development team about how to build well-optimized reports in Power BI.
  • Loading reports quickly has led to an increase in staff efficiency.
  • The internal development team now knows how to create data models and reports using best practices for performance.

PRODUCTION: Large Manufacturing Company

Reliable Deliveries interactive and powerful dashboards, cost savings
  • We implemented detailed business analysis and built a large-scale data solution running on a Big Data platform.
  • We created interactive and powerful dashboards for business users in Power BI, which enable them to control suppliers’ deliveries, optimize processes and significantly reduce any manual work connected to reporting.
  • We followed the company security policy on reports and data access levels (Power BI Service and row-level security).
  • The solution has resulted in cost savings as data integration and improved reporting now provide a control system for deliveries.

SALES: Large Retail Company

Business HUB Covering the main KPIs elimination of manual reporting
  • We created several design options for the layout, which the customer appreciated. One of these options was selected for their reporting.
  • We implemented business and data analysis and designed all the visuals for the reports.
  • The reports are created on the customer’s platform, helping them to obtain the required insights.
  • The customer is now able to use Excel files connected directly to Power BI. These are updated periodically and help to get rid of manual reporting. The solution also provides a reporting foundation for a future data warehouse.

All employees can see real-time reports and how we meet KPIs

... says Lukáš Jac, a data analyst in the component manufacturing department at ŠKODA AUTO. Listen to our podcast (or read in english) to find out, for example, how crucial it was for the reports in this case to define the assignment correctly. 

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