Migrate your data pipelines with ease and accuracy


ADELE is a user-friendly platform that easily allows users to migrate data pipelines from any legacy to a target platform, having full control over the process of the functional migration.

Key Benefits


Provides data lineage and metadata reporting for deeper understanding


Rapid data pipelines re-platforming


Eliminates coding errors through automation


Single-click migration to any cloud solution


Data pipelines re-platforming and migration to the cloud was never so simple

Data pipeline re-platforming can be tedious and time consuming. Manual work can be prone to errors. ADELE provides developers with an easy tool that allows you to re-platform data pipelines to any target system. ADELE supports re-platforming to any of the Cloud environments which greatly increases the time to extract value on your modern data architecture. ADELE can also easily be leverage for on-prem to on-prem platforming as well. 

Extract more insights from your data pipelines

ADELE’s intelligent mapping can also provide additional insights through reverse engineering the data pipelines to create data lineage mappings and extract metadata. The visualization features easily provides additional value and allows for quick impact analysis through API interfaces. The metadata extracts can be further leveraged as a basis for Data Governance foundations.



Prepare technology-agnostic SQL prototypes to build data integration processes in any selected cloud and on-premise platform

ADELE enables to build new data integration solution for non-SQL based target data integration platform with a team of people with good SQL knowledge. The prototype SQL mapping prepared by analysts does not need to be “re-entered” into the target data integration tool, but rather the original SQL definition can be parsed by ADELE and an ETL of desired platform can be generated out of it. 

Impact and lineage analysis for easy-to-comprehend visualization of your data pipelines

All metadata gathered by ETL reverse engineering and SQL parsing can be visualized and used for impact and lineage analysis. Single SQL statement visualization or SQL 2 SQL dependency visualization is accessible via a web GUI interface. There is also an API metadata interface for developers which enables sophisticated, custom impact and lineage analysis implementations. 


Built for all data people

The re-platforming of the data can be done by any developer with accuracy and speed.
Discover more about Adele: www.adele.pro

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