Enrich your internal data with data from external sources

Corporate Data Enrichment Tool

We will link your data with external data. We will prepare leads for effective business communication with your corporate clients.

Adastra in cooperation with Bisnode has developed the unique Corporate Data Enrichment Tool (CoDET) to enhance efficiency of business communication with corporate clients. The new solution uses Big Data and advanced analytics. CoDET speeds up significantly and enhances efficiency of addressing corporate clients as well as campaign and risk management in the SME segment.

CoDET from Adastra is able to enrich existing internal client data with data from external sources professionally prepared by Bisnode. The use of the new common solution from Adastra and Bisnode provides customers with an effective tool to increase business volume from existing corporate clients as well as to acquire new clients or to early detect risk factors.

The aim of the tool is to enhance efficiency of services and sales by means of better quality targeting to generate leads thanks to the following benefits and opportunities:

  • you will only get real leads – not too many, but with a high conversion probability
  • users can set their situations / customers of interest
  • all (internal and external) information is available in one place; you can combine information as you like
  • you can address new potential customers from among your current clients’ business partners
  • timely detection of purchasing and risk indicators

Our clients' staff productivity has increased eightfold with the first launch of our product.

Data Enrichment Benefits

CoDET combines and evaluates transaction data of corporate clients with information provided by Bisnode. This generates business signals that enable users to identify the right moment to address customers with a custom-made offer. Data from Bisnode are processed at the moment when a potential customer appears on the market for the first time. The data is linked immediately with the client’s internal transaction data. Subsequent analytical assessment generates leads to address customers based on set priorities.

The tool includes an interactive interface enabling intuitive work. End customers can integrate the solution and the data in their internal CRM systems. 

CoDET will provide you with the following benefits and opportunities: 

  • Effective and proactive management of your client portfolio
  • Your bankers’ work will be much more efficient as they will not lose time searching for data and all information will be available to them in one place
  • You will know what is happening in your corporate clients’ lives that may be of interest to you, so that you can provide them with timely offers of customized services
  • You will be able to assess your clients’ risk on daily basis based on a large set of data (your own and external)
  • You will reduce your bankers’ average preparation time per case, they will be able to sort information themselves based on their marketing and business priorities
  • You will get a corporate client’s complete profile immediately with a few clicks. You will not need to search registers or Google to get up-to-date information
  • You will be able to target micro segments of clients with the same needs and similar lifecycle
  • You will be able to create your own micro campaigns, since you will be able to draw up a comprehensive profile of your customers and thus develop target groups

The quality of contacts has increased threefold, whereas the target list decreased to one third.

The solution allows to custom-treat every customer and to meet their needs. This increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and business potential.

Michal Kratochvíl, Banking Division Manager, Adastra

Solution Demo: Visualization, Smart Data

Information about your customers and prospects is available to you nearly immediately as they come to the bank. You can immediately respond to the current happenings in your companies using various communication channels. The type of information you want to monitor can be set and changed by each user individually.


You can plan to address customers based on various criteria, combining business characteristics based on both internal and external data or based on pools of leads. 


For a specific campaign, you can choose a specific micro segment to address customers, including all financial flows for a given time period based on various criteria.


You can evaluate your customers also based on links to their business partners and suppliers. This can help you to get to know your potential clients.


You can check each client based on current information including mainly various financial indicators over specific time periods and indications of growth or stagnation. 


You can focus on specific types of information such as real estate or car fleet and monitor development.


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