Data Governance

Data Governance

Good data follows those who know how to work with it.

Every company, processes data. Your professionals, however, do not work with data per se, but with the information derived from the data. If it is not clear who needs this information, and who is responsible for it, the data and information decay. Do you know how to maintain and improve data quality? Maintaining and improving quality begins with delineating responsibilities and rules for data and information management. Adastra is ready to help you with these and other steps. Reap the advantage of the potential that lies in the systematic treatment of data and gain a competitive advantage over those who neglect it.

Be honest: Does your company have such high-quality data that all of your staff receive good, accurate and complete information exactly when they need it? Do you know which data and how the data are managed? When you cooperate with Adastra, you will easily recognize who is responsible for the data, to know who is using the data, to whom the data are available, and who the data really benefits, thereby indicating who has the greatest interest to finance the improvement of data quality. We define the principles and rules for data management with you!

If you don't have the answers to these questions, your organization is at risk of letting the data direct the company rather than your company managing the data. If the data quality is low, your company runs the chance of surrendering itself to many risk factors.

Do you feel that this might be the case with your company? If so, we are here for you. We have a variety of functional concepts, thematic consultations as well as ready-made solutions in the field of governance, management, data quality and information. And thanks to the numerous projects and extensive experience of our consultants, these solutions are always improving.

44 %

44 % of companies have no formal rules in the field of Data Governance. Half of them are not considering and action to deal with the Data Governance in the next few years. Change this weakness and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Data information governance and information quality/data quality

Adastra has a proven set of principles, processes, designs and functionalities for technological solutions to create a Data Governance organizational system. We also implement a support system for the full scope of Data (and Information) Quality.

Our approach combines the areas of data governance and data quality into one robust unit which allows you to implement best practices, concepts and supporting tools quickly. An integral part of this approach is a regular review of the data care system to find ways to improve it.

Comprehensive enterprise architecture

Focusing attention on the right components of governance, their characteristics and principles of governance different types of elements, is the cornerstone of success. Undetected inconsistencies between „business subjects“, „business information“, „logical data entities“ and „database elements“ all too often lead to misunderstandings between an IT staff and businesspeople.

The solution to these problems is Adastra Enterprise Architecture Framework – Governance Generation, which verifies the distribution of the types of mapped elements. Amongst other things, implementing CASE tools into the scope of governance assigns responsibility for the mapped elements.

A comprehensive view of the area

If you start to pursue the field of governance or data quality of care, you will find the key assignment of responsibilities and focus management layer to correct domain. Governance and quality is seen in the data – information – knowledge levels. How do you imagine it specifically? At the detailed level, this means assigning business items consisting of „business information“ (sometimes also referred to as an „information asset“) to your business and sales workers, elements of the characters' „logical data entity“ to your IT system architects and designers , and “database items” to those who are responsible for operating technological layer of solution. Tracking must also be ensured to appreciate how the higher layer motivates the lower layer.

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