Data warehouses

Modern data warehouses process data in real time, store them in the cloud, and make it possible to create analyses and reports using natural language queries. Big Data technology is becoming a mainstream alternative to classic databases.

Modern data warehouses introduce a new way to store all the enterprise data your company needs for analysis and management. These include a data lake, and all your data stores are logically connected and can be used together. In addition, data is increasingly being processed in real time in the form of data streams.

Advanced Analytics, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, can process both structured and unstructured data. Furthermore, the expenses associated with development and administration, including the cost of purchasing technologies, continue to fall.

59 %

In 2015, only 17% of companies used Big Data. Just three years later, in 2018, this had already increased to 59%.

Latest trends in data warehousing

  • In Business Intelligence, Big Data technology and architecture are becoming a mainstream alternative to classic databases.
  • Technology for the use of natural language and data streaming continues to make substantial advancements and is changing the market.
  • Most organizations are gradually moving all their business-critical data and applications to the cloud.

Adastra’s main data-warehouse components are not dependent on specific technologies.

DWH from Adastra

Our data-warehouse solution includes

  • Data integration – we arrange data collection and consolidation from various data sources.
  • Data storage – we set up the optimal storage for your data and their use.

We make it possible to add two additional layers on top of a stand-alone data warehouse:

  • Business Intelligence – serves for data analysis and reporting. It also facilitates data visualization, output assessment, mobile Business Intelligence, predictive analysis, data mining, and so on.
  • Applications – can be used, for example, to organize campaigns, detect fraud, manage risks, handle collections, approve requests, etc.

The data-warehouse architecture we build for our clients

  • provides comprehensible information to various user groups for various purposes,
  • enables flexible ad-hoc reporting and analysis,
  • leverages the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from building many data warehouses in many different organizations,
  • keeps up with the latest trends,
  • helps companies train their own data-warehouse experts, who will be responsible for the effective use of the delivered solution.
50 %

Following the introduction of Ikea’s new data warehouse, the company has halved the time it takes to find details about the goods customers have purchased, for example, regarding returns or warranty claims. Previously, employees had to search for receipts in three different systems, which took minutes. Now, it’s just a few seconds. (Implementation: Adastra)

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