Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Key data under control

Nobody has super powers and it may often seem like mission impossible obtaining one, and only one, official version of client data, product data, and codebooks – the lifeline of your company. Master Data Management (MDM) makes this process easier by identifying, cleaning and consolidating key data while providing one precise version to all users when they requested it.

How much of your valuable time is wasted hunting for your client contacts across your IT systems? Are you constantly dealing with problems caused by different codes for the same product? Do your clients complain that you are always sending them the same offer over and over again?

If yes, it's high time to cut costs and increase revenues. Why not activate an MDM initiative to zero in on your key data and identify your most essential data while inspecting acquisitions, processing and usage across your entire organization. Adastra has the tools to do this and can empower your company to retain customers, offer new products more efficiently and improve your time-to-value acquisitions.

We offer you a professional array of measures (to complement the standard of your processes when working with data or modifying ICT architecture) to keep all your key data in one repository and distribute them to the correct channels in the quality you expect and at the time you need it to truly consolidate your business processes and increase revenues.


Research carried out by the Aberdeen Group, experts in proprietary analytical frameworks, show that 45 % of companies manage their key data in independent databases, Excel spreadsheets or proprietary applications with no MDM solutions.


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Master Data Management

To successfully carry out a Master Data Management project, a complex arrangement of activities have to be carried out across multiple channels and platforms in both the IT and business sectors. It is imperative that an MDM project be managed within the Data Governance strategy of the entire context of the organization.


Identification and analysis of key data

To introduce, process and implement an MDM solution successfully, crucial business data must be identified and evaluated from an operational quality point of view and its availability in business processes must be actively assessed. Everything must be carried out in close cooperation with your business professionals who, being most familiar with the processes, can identify any weak points in acquisitions, processing and data usage and improve the experience from within.

Architecture revision

ICT architecture in organization develops and extends gradually, hand in hand with the ever-increasing business requirements involving the automation of data-related working processes. During its evolution many compromises are made, so it is highly advisable to evaluate which architecture is suitable for the given MDM solution implementation. We do not hide from the truth and promise you a castle in Spain where every task can be accomplished. This is simply not realistic. We recommend the steps that must be in place from the start to achieve the solution that fulfills all your business requirements in an MDM solution.

Suitable solution proposal

We will propose an MDM solution implementation method based on the identification of key data and existing architecture mapping. This will tell you if you should implement a new system to manage key data, or, if your existing systems can be modified. The rules for data quality will be defined to include the rules for cleaning and consolidating data, not to mention the rules for the metrics that monitor key data quality which will enable its evaluation over time. There is no deadline or time span regarding the improvement of data quality. It is an ongoing initiative that reacts to and reflects current user needs and the state of the managed data.

Modification of processes and methodologies

To enjoy the benefits of a newly implemented MDM solution the fullest, this solution requires the cooperation of your full team from top to bottom. Promoting this solution and persuading users about its timeliness while highlighting the benefits of its active usage is what distinguishes a company that communicates well from the others. Modified processes and methodologies must be in place and functioning before the end user can effectively and accurately manage your customer data. A company that does not exploit the technology available today will be left behind tomorrow.

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