Operational Data Store

Operational Data Store

The first data storage system that really makes your life easier. Wow factor included.

Are your operational business processes unnecessarily complicated and fraught with a  fragmented data base? Look no further as we have the answer for you in the elegant and functional Operational Data Store (ODS) that will rein in and speed up your processes effortlessly.

Does your key data arrive too late when you need to make decisions? How often do you  immediately need to obtain more and more information about your customers? Are your operational processes in need of a thorough tune-up to get it back in working condition?

To achieve all of the above you need a new information system known as an Operational Data Store. Identifying all your operational information needs is a piece of cake for ODS as its primary function is to support these operational processes and not let them be hindered by any other work that could interfere with or slow down its activity. The right ODS can support both the operational, as well as the operational-analytical parts of your processes at the same time, thus enabling you to pay more attention to your business. Our new ODS will even cooperate with your existing processes and systems so it will not tie up your hands or limit your activities in the short- or long-term. In short, it will help you reach your targets and fulfill your plans.

A properly implemented ODS can speed up critical operative processes by as much as 80 %.


The average response time, in milliseconds, to user queries by our incredibly big ODS . The number is measured in the production environment using common technologies. However, when using advanced technologies, this number can be markedly decreased.

Adastra operational data store

The Adastra Operational Data Store is a prvoen, best-practice, operational data storage solution which supports operational processes in addition to follow-up operational analytical tasks.

Our ODS solution offers proven methodologies, processes, design and data models, technological solutions and tools that ensure maximal effectiveness and impressiveness. It also puts great emphasis on metadata.

This approach ensures a long-term sustainable solution and lets you benefit from the Model Driven Development technology, where most of the program code is generated, to ensure superlative development productivity, lower prices, an exceptional level of standardization giving you the keys to all the practical know-how we have accrued in the course of our numerous ODS implementations. 

As for applications, ODS can be used for customer or product data integration. Of course, we must not forget that this solution is ideal for Campaign Management or Master Data Management as your data base can be easily connected to ODS. The potential is endless.

ODS can fulfill the following roles:

  • Data storage for operational processes
  • Data storage of master data
  • Shared cache of other systems (data integrated or non-integrated)
  • Support layer of the data warehouse (stage layer)
  • Data store for operational reporting
  • Replacement for legacy applications (ODS provides data from defunct/extinct systems)

Regarding the frequency of performance and data updating, ODS can be divided into the following groups:

  • Adhoc performance or performance upon demand
  • Monthly performance
  • Daily performance
  • Performance several times a day
  • Performance in almost-real-time
  • Performance in real-time

Regarding data integration, ODS can be built on various data-mining methods:

  • Replication of tables from primary systems
  • Replication of transactions from primary systems
  • Integration of transaction from primary systems
  • Deriving data from the data warehouse

Regarding the logical architecture, our solution consists of several components:

  • Data storage
  • Transformation layer
  • Communication layer
  • Tools for data storage administration and development
  • Tools for transformation and communication of metadata development
  • Tools for other metadata and documentation administration

Data storage

Data storage is the cornerstone of the entire solution. It preserves the data, as well as some selected metadata, necessary for a fully-functioning solution. As a repository it uses proven, tested relational databases. The data model can be designed according to customer needs, or, we can use one of our tailor-made industry models, such as those used in banking and in financial institutions.

Transformation layer

The transformation layer is the main carrier of application logistics in the ODS solution. It enables transformation between the outside world and data storage. Primarily, it is the API which enables the processing of individual data records or ETL/ELT, which processes entire groups of data sets. This principle of the filtering layer screens the outside world from the internal data module enabling modifications to the model according to actual requirements and without the necessity of rebuilding everything. The transformation layer can carry out data transformations in real-time, almost-real-time or in batches, according to the customer needs and requirements.

Communication layer

The communication layer connects the ODS with the outside world ensuring the transformation of input and output communication. Essentially, this layer technologically translates communications into a format that ODS can process internally and vice versa. This modular attitude enables us to implement our solution effortlessly into environments that require a specific way of communication, such as web services, specific connectors or specific formats of communicated message. Moreover, the possible communication tools can be easily modified when required.


We place great emphasis on our solution tools. Adastra tools ensure easy central administration of metadata solutions, administration of data modules, administration of data transformations and accurate data flows, including their timing, creation of documentation, solutions monitoring as a functional entity and integration of the communication layer. We understand the importance of metadata and their follow-up usage for development and operations.

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