Data Monetisation

Data Monetisation

Link your data to other industries, run joint campaigns, and discover new sources of revenue.

Client data is your family silver, and digitisation can significantly increase its value. We make it possible for you to extract information from a variety of data sources, to improve your customer service or expand your offer with third-party services. We open up a whole new vista in marketing services and the mediation of targeted marketing in cooperation with companies from other fields.

We can process information on your customers in real time. We put together models to identify the needs and intentions of your clients, thereby significantly refining the targeting of your offers, correct business response, or customer helpline. Alternatively, we can propose optimal retention activity or help you to identify and minimise the risk of clients leaving.

We evaluate Big Data using not only proven traditional approaches, but also modern machine learning, deep learning, and text analytics (NLP - natural language processing).

We can extract the following data:

  • data from relational databases
  • log entries from the web and apps
  • location records
  • sensor data
  • text files
  • images and photographs
  • video content
  • open data

Examples of monetisation of telecommunication data

  • Effectiveness of outdoor campaigns - use customer movement data to find out what location is more effective and generate customer response, leads or direct purchases. Offer a similar service to other companies, e.g., in retail.

  • Excellent marketing services - identify appropriate target groups as a source for event-driven or contextual marketing campaigns. Provide businesses with services in the planning of short-term events, mapping of traffic, or the potential of their business locations. You will control the content and frequency of outreach to your customers.

  • Client creditworthiness assessment - your information on the solvency of your clients is an invaluable input for a wide range of service providers, e.g., in the financial sector. For example, clients of these institutions can get better credit conditions. We provide you with both technical and legal assistance throughout the entire process without violating your privacy.

  • Customer retention - find out which clients are repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying to reach your partner's hotline. Make it possible for your partners to take measures to prevent clients from leaving for your competitors and improve customer experience.

43% of customers share their personal data to get an offer based on personal preferences or their purchase history (Source: YouGov)

Příklady monetizace finančních dat

  • Transactional behaviour – information from the description of individual bank transactions involving deposits and expenditure allows you to map your clients' lifestyles and recognize important life moments (e.g. furnishing their household, childbirth, planning a holiday, buying a car etc.). Understanding your client will enable you to better offer products, whether thanks to relevance or their timing. Don't just offer your services and products – connect with your business partner and increase your profits.

  • Client solvency – information about the fulfilment of your client's obligations to their telecommunications operator can be a valuable resource, for example for insurance and leasing companies which can better evaluate the risk when providing their services.

  • Credit requirements – information about client behaviour on your business partner's website can lead to the provision of credit. Make use of it.

  • Client creditworthiness – do you know what your client is buying, or what they own? Then you can calculate your client's creditworthiness, and better target your sales strategies. This knowledge can be used not only by you, but also by your partner from another sector (retail, manufacturing etc.).

The effective utilisation of client behaviour data is an excellent basis for contextual communication, personalised offers and micro-campaigns.


According to research, monetization of own data brought about a 1-2% increase in banks' total annual profit (Accenture). But the potential is much higher.

Anonymous data

As a third party, we can combine the portfolios of both parties and analyse the typology of clients that are interesting for each participant. The actual monetisation of the data will be entirely secure and fully in accordance with the applicable legislation. We work only with anonymised statistical data based on the customer's consent and which is governed by clearly defined business use cases. You still have full control over your data.


75% of consumers are willing to share their personal data with a company if they transparently communicate its further use (Source: Accenture)

Inspiration from abroad and from us


so that the customer keeps coming back Attract new customers and regain those who have decided to shop elsewhere. That was the assignment for the marketing department of one retailer in Helsinki. They used telco data.

Outdoor advertising:

relevant target audience Posterscope in Singapore advertises in outdoor advertising space. Anonymous, aggregated data of the mobile operator helped it to find out who walked around which advertising space, so it placed the advertising in places where the relevant target audience moved.

Financial services:

risk reduction The Czech TelcoScore service predicts customer behaviour in terms of the likelihood that they will fail to meet their financial services obligations based on telecommunications data from all three telecommunications operators.

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