Data Science

Data Science

Take advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning for your future growth.

Businesses today have plenty of data and opportunities to capitalise on it while improving their business. For example, advanced analytics can be used to provide information about the likelihood of their clients being willing to buy additional products and services, which services might interest them, or their activities on websites and mobile apps. Machine learning algorithms can detect manufacturing bottlenecks or unfair client behaviour. Entrust your data to our care and get high-quality key information for better work with your clients.

Convert data into business value

The richness of data stored in the Cloud and on Big Data platforms brings with it increased opportunities for its analytical use. Modern business cannot do without advanced data analysis. And that is exactly what Adastra provides. Our team tailors predictive models from historical data, suggests uses for data generated in real time, helps you to find added value in unused data, and much more. Advanced analytics can turn data into a key value for business.

Your data is the key to further developing your company in the digital era

Thanks to the integration and processing of various data sources, we can prepare richer predictive models or more accurate segmentation. We monitor current trends and look for ways to utilise them for better customer knowledge and personalised interactions, based on the detection of customer needs (and thus better customer retention, loyalty building, and service provision), for more efficient processes within the organisation, and more. We focus on current business issues, needs, and challenges.

Our analysis must make sense and have a mission! We evaluate Big Data using not only proven traditional approaches (we create mathematical/statistical models), but also modern machine learning, deep learning, and text analytics (NLP).

We use the most up-to-date technologies on the market to realise tasks in which we:

  • predict the probability of a certain event occurring (e.g.: a customer purchases a service, a site visitor clicks on your ad, the number of breakdowns on the production line…),
  • segment the client portfolio into small groups, based on similar behaviour or characteristics,
  • get to know the customer from different perspectives,
  • analyse texts and images from different text sources and sort them into thematic groups,
  • highlight differences and unusual behaviour,
  • evaluate buying behaviour, which we use to derive recommendations for further purchase.

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We have developed predictive models to estimate readers' demographic data, using text analytics. The original target group increased tenfold thanks to advanced analysis and predictive models. The solution processes over 14.5 million cookies per day (i.e., over 100 million records per week).

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Dagmar Bínová

Big Data Science Lead