Digital Communication

The post-covid world is an interconnected, internet-first world. New behaviors have emerged, most of which will stay with us including an increase in online interactions and remote work. Online competition is fierce in all sectors, and your online presence needs to be in line with your business goals, your brand and your technology stack, while also presenting your clients and customers with the smoothest online experience.

Equa bank

Benefits we bring you

  • increase in new clients base
  • Boost of up-sell/x-sell
  • Decrease in churn
  • Automation of communication channels and processes
  • Omnichannel approach across business and marketing
  • Definition of customers experience and customer pat

Why choose Adastra as your digital communication partner:

  • We offer an end-to-end partnership for your digital transformation: From strategy to implementation and support, we will partner you throughout your journey to digital transformation.
  • Our combination of business and IT experts can provide you with a strategy where technical solutions go hand in hand with business objectives.
  • We have over 20 years of hands-on practical experience in using data and business strategy approach as the driver for business growth

Do you want to communicate with every one your clients personally?

With data analytics and smart predictions, we can create personalized communication on scale. Every client will receive message with the correct content, via the most suitable channel and in the most appropriate time.

Do you wish to create unforgettable experiences?

It all starts with a great idea. We develop it in a story and present in to the customers in an intuitive, engaging and understandable way. From the website to personalized video ads, your customers will be at awe.

Do you want to bring more value?

Creative advisory has impact on the bottom line. Just deploy smart solutions and processes to improve your conversion and retention rates.

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