Enterprise Application Integration


Systems Integration without the Aggravation.

How complicated is your integrated system? How transparent is it? Adastra can take the headache off your hands by implementing the integration layer for you. No more hassles updating each individual system yourself. Sit back and enjoy a spectacularly clear overview of your data and services from every system. Let Adastra help you select the right product for your preferences and following this we would be only too happy to install this hands-free service smoothly into your corporate environment.

Do you know which of your company systems provides data on clients? Can your systems give you access to this data on-line? Would you like your display to show additional information about clients and their products? Have you been told that such a change would require a lot of effort and ultimately provide uncertain results? If you answered ‚yes‘ to at least one of the above questions, it indicates that things could be running much better at your company. The good news is that you're not alone and that Adastra has just the solution for you.

The integration layer enables transparent and clear communication between individual systems and consolidates data from multiple systems. For instance, it allows you immediate access to all client data spread among various systems. Moreover, you will no longer face the problem of having to add new field into the client data set as the integration layer has this covered too.

We can help you choose the best tool from the vast number of choices available on the market today. Then, our integration team can set up the selected tool and train its future administrators to operate it independently.


The average speed, in minutes, of how long it takes to change/add/remove attributes running through the integration layer. All depends on how advanced your level of integration is.

Enterprise Application Integration

Let's have a look at the benefits available to you following the implementation of the integration layer at your company with a few words attesting to the vast experience Adastra has when it comes to implementing the layer in other companies.

1. Rate of change

  • Implementing new services is getting faster and faster.
  • Changing an existing service can be done in less than an hour.

2. Clear overview of

  • System services
  • System data
  • Processes and the services they can be found on

3. Measurement of

  • The length of E2E business processes
  • The response of individual system services within processes
  • Expected gains in the number of calls upon individual systems

4. It is possible within the implementation to

  • Implement parts of the integrated service
  • Expand services with new parameters, even not used
  • Add new services without changes in systems

5. Further advantages

  • Combine fragmented system services into a logical integrated service (i.e. Saving Client Data) and reuse this in other processes.
  • Change the logic of an already integrated service (i.e. prioritize data from one system to other) without changing the service system.
  • Test how the integrated service reacts after making changes to system services.
  • Implementation is independent of the platform (for instance, it connects MQ with web services).
  • It is possible to implement even a small portion of service and the rest could be ‚blind‘.
  • Inputs of the integrated service can be extended without changing the output definition of the service.
  • Implementation is an easy and logical assemblage of existing system services and is, therefore, independent of the developmental cycle of systems.

6. Experience

  • The Adastra team executing the integration has vast experience in implementing integration layers in start-up companies, as well as large multinationals. Our experts have played decisive roles within integration teams and, subsequently, are well versed in how to competently assist your integration team, how to create it themselves, or how to guide you through the steps in setting up your own team and be instrumental in the start-up as you cut your teeth with the new system. We do not depend on any particular technological platform and we also understand and recognize the potential of open-source tools. If you need help, we are at your full disposal.

Our latest project was developing the entire integration infrastructure for Equa bank whose management were so satisfied our team continues to work for the bank after the successful start-up of loans, running operations and developing new requests. We are gradually handing over our experience to our bank colleagues who, presently, have formed their own internal team to assume responsibility of the entire administration. Like a good manager, we advise, coach, share wisdom, and then let you run your business the way you want.

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