Incidentee: Track, report, and analyze incidents in your store. Digitize paper-based case reporting with an intuitive application.

Key Benefits


Digitization of the incident management process, from reporting to analysis


Lowering of costs, thanks to no delays and significantly less time spent on incident reporting


Real-time incident reports, elimination of errors caused by inaccurate paper processing


Management summary of all incidents in all stores, for analysis and better decision-making


Easier incident reporting with an intuitive app

Thefts, damaged products or slips, falls, and arrests. Those incidents in stores are usually recorded and manually entered on paper, making it difficult to trace the history of a specific incident. Digitize the incident management process with a tablet application that enables users to create incident reports on the go. They just need to scan the item barcode and attach images, videos, and documents to the report. Then they generate the report and upload it for further analysis.

Eliminate mistakes and increase efficiency

Incident reports are done immediately, since the application is intuitive and allows for forms to be prepared and prefilled. Reports are significantly more accurate, compared to error-prone paper solutions. Employees take no more than half the time previously needed to fill and submit reports.



Better incident management and support for data-based decision-making

Head office can see an overview of the incidents in all stores in real time, thus facilitating analysis and data-based decisions regarding preventive measures. Thanks to detail data analysis by the business intelligence tool, loss prevention managers can receive organized and statistical reports from the system. It greatly helps with optimizing loss-prevention strategy and decision-making.

Client Case-Study

A global retail chain saved up to 60% of employee time

A global retail enterprise wanted to replace the paper-based reporting solution of internal and external thefts, slips, falls, and robberies, which was lengthy and did not enable the historical tracking of incidents. Incidentee offered all the features the company needed: barcode scanning and text search, attachments, exports, 3 levels of user roles and incident history, with a filtering option.


Up to 60% of employees’ time saved, compared with paper-based solutions, resulting in a significant reduction of costs and increase of staff productivity.

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