Put a shop map in the customer’s pocket

Store and shopping center navigation

Direct the customer to the requested goods or store. All you need is their smartphone and our app.

The majority of Czech consumers use ordinary mobile navigation to find their way around unfamiliar environments. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t work in buildings or shops. Don’t let your customers fumble around your store or shopping center: help them find the quickest route to a specific product or shop thanks to our intuitive mobile app.

Show the way and current offers, too

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who finds himself in your store or shopping center and needs to buy something quickly. He opens an app on his smartphone, selects his shopping list, and conveniently lets the arrows on the screen lead him to his goal.

Our solution works with Bluetooth beacon technology, inconspicuous transmitters distributed around the shopping space to track the location and distance from any given object. Using the app, the customer is shown the route to the object right on his phone. An alternative solution is an app based on augmented reality, which makes it possible to display virtual objects in the real world. The customer simply downloads it to his smartphone and views the real space through the integrated camera while arrows on the screen lead him straight to his destination.   

The mobile app can also simultaneously be employed for so-called proximity marketing. While using the app to find his way, the customer is notified about current promotions, alternative products nearby, and any additional information in the form of banners or 3D objects. As a result, customers will discover and experience much more and so increase interaction and your revenue.


60% of consumers appreciate a personalized shopping experience with real-time offers. (Source: Accenture)

Benefits of the solution

  • An innovative approach and a new shopping experience
  • Saving your customers’ time and energy
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Personalized dashboards and content
  • Fully native apps for iOS and Android

Do you want to see how this mobile navigation app works? Take a look at this video from adastra.one:

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