Voontin: Visitors will not be waiting, thanks to the tablet reception. Digital reception improves your company efficiency and your visitors’ experience.

Key Benefits


Increased productivity and more efficient work of the front desk


Saving visitors’ contact details, to increase security and pandemic-prevention measures


Saving your visitors’ time, seamless check-in experience, and hi-tech feeling


Check-in experience in the visitor’s language


Reception in the digital era

Traditional reception can be inefficient, wasting your company´s valuable time and presenting your visitors with an outdated vision of your company. There is a better way – Voontin, a stand-alone app that can be used in every office or building. Say hello to intuitive, direct notifications at your fingertips. The efficiency of the app delivers a valuable customer experience and heightens productivity for your enterprise, letting your receptionist pursue more valuable tasks.

Your reception, digital

As soon as they enter the lobby, visitors can use the digital reception app to check in, submitting their contact details as well as the name of the employee they are visiting. The host instantly receives information about the guest’s arrival, thanks to push notifications and e-mail. Data about all the visits in your company are stored for further analysis and higher security.



Better experience for you visitors

After self-registering, the guests can immediately gain access to the Wi-Fi and information they might need for a convenient check-in experience. To utilize the front desk waiting time, the app can be easily customized, to show your visitors featured products, or other promotional material, supporting your brand awareness.

Client Case-Study


Streamline of Vodafone check-in system

Vodafone wanted to improve their front desk process and check-in experience. We recommended Voontin, to digitalize the sign-in process, in order to make guests’ visits as comfortable and efficient as possible, increase building security, and facilitate direct communication with employees.

Additional visitor benefits were the QR access codes delivered straight to their mobile devices and an easy and convenient connection to the company Wi-Fi.

We adopted this solution as a new benchmark and implemented it across our international store offices.


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