Digital Customer Experience

The year 2020 brought an important change in several domains, including digital customer experience. Remote work, the rise of digital channels and online shopping were just the most visible areas of growth. Consistent digital customer experience (Digital CX) turned out to be one of the scarcest commodities, requested by a majority of consumers but delivered by not even a third of market brands.

What does digital customer experience mean?

  • Detailed personalization
  • Consistent and clear experience
  • Efficient use of social media in branding
  • Seamless experience across channels
  • Improve efficiency of communication
  • Strategic use of touchpoints
  • Understanding customer identity and need

What approaches are used to improve digital experience?

  • Digital customer journey mapping and touchpoint analysis
  • Better understanding your clients through the omnichannel strategy
  • Data supported descriptions of customer digital journeys
  • Getting feedback with customer satisfaction surveys and Net Promoter Score
  • Use AI-powered chatbots and voice bots for seamless communication
  • AI and machine learning analysis of vast unstructured documents to gleaning insight
  • Customer segmentation for more relevant and valid offers and messages

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