Digital Paperless Processes

Simplify and speed up processes for both external and internal clients - all digitally and without paper.

You no longer have to spend dozens of hours copying, rewriting, sending and archiving documents. Free up your employees to focus on improving services or customer care, not paperwork. Don't be hampered by excessive redundancy, increase productivity and profit, and eliminate mistakes caused by human error.  

Shared disks went out of fashion a long time ago. Nowadays, documents can be sorted and their life cycle managed from creation to distribution, so you can keep your documents and their processing under control and manage your business from your mobile. Let clients sign documents digitally, and communicate quickly and easily between departments and branches. 

Looking for an easy way to keep records of documents, including metadata and versioning, or to manage access by authorised users? And also a tool that can be integrated into your internal systems? We will also provide you with other features, such as document anonymisation, signing, archiving and shredding.

A paperless solution for the whole company

  • Digitisation of contracts - now you can conclude and update client contracts in digital form alone. Enter all input data directly into online forms. Save up to 90% on printing costs. Secure your documents against loss, alteration, and unauthorised access. Use the tools to dispel doubt on the authenticity of content. Store your documents in a trusted archive and provide them with metadata for subsequent retrieval 

  • Signature workflow - simplifies the signature process for contractual documentation and all processes that require regulatory compliance. The system looks after everything for you. We give you tools so that you can create statistics about signed documents.

  • Efficient micromanagement - the comprehensive electronisation of company processes will reduce the number of administrative tasks, unify the data view, and offer advanced analytics and reporting tools. The company has an overview of the status of tasks and opportunities. 

  • Digitised human resources - get an overview of all applicants for vacancies, so that you contact the right people in time when there's a staff shortage. Keep a contacts history. 

Digitising processes will significantly reduce the burden on your customer helpline, back office, service teams, network staff and purchasing, HR managers… 

90 %

90% of the total cost of printing and work with documents is related to print administration (15%), document production (25%) and media handling (50%). 

See how Metlife uses adastra.one mobile apps to help it avoid unnecessary paperwork. The app also automatically prevents errors when drawing up insurance contracts.

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