DWH framework: manage your data warehouse efficiently

Do you want to maximize the benefits of your data warehouse? Then you need to quickly and securely upload current data to the warehouse, and manage and grow the data warehouse itself. The DWH framework is a tool for daily data updates and long-term optimized development, documentation, reporting and monitoring

Common data warehouse management issues

The old way of managing a data warehouse with the usual tools relies heavily on developers. This means that there is very little control over hundreds of processes, you face reliability issues, and you must do without good documentation. This means that warehouse management:

  • is expensive
  • s error-prone and unreliable
  • complicates further development
  • has performance problems

In short, old-fashioned data warehouses management does not add sufficient value to management and business users who can neither rely on the data stored nor make decisions based on it.


We reduced the time it takes the insurance company Kooperativa to retrieve data from source systems from an average of 36 hours to approximately 6 hours.

DWH framework significantly saves time and effort

Adastra has developed a solution for fast and convenient data warehouse management. The DWH framework is based on general data warehousing principles and practices, and was developed based on Adastra's long-term experience. Our set of standards and best practices for DWH development is grounded on our analysis of metadata.

Benefits of the DWH Framework

  • Significant time and effort savings (up to 60%)
  • High return on investment (Dev & SLA)
  • Reliability = quality service for the business
  • All-in-One Tool - single point of management
  • Easy customization
  • Performance optimization

Our technical features include:

  • · Support for multiple DB types, environments and data sources
  • · Support for all DWH layers (L0, L1, L2)
  • · Ready and established data governance practices
  • · Versioning support
  • · Monitoring, logging and auditing

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