Optimize your store layout, opening hours, and staffing

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Optimize the layout, opening hours, and staffing at your stores by tracking customer movement.

Allow your customers to shop without having to wait in boring queues. Make their visits to your stores more pleasant by optimizing the layout of goods on shelves and promotional stands, free space, opening hours, and staffing. Lower costs and increase customer satisfaction as well as your turnover and profits.

Can you ensure that your customers don’t congregate in unsuitable places, such as at the cash desks? Are you setting up and hosting promotional stands where you have more free space or where customers usually spend more time? Is it efficient to keep the same opening hours in all your stores when customers’ shopping habits vary across different regions? Don’t just rely on feelings and assumptions; we’ll help you measure it.


32% of customers are bothered by having to wait in line at checkout. (Source: Rondo.cz)

Tracking thanks to modern technologies

Our solutions, using technologies from the IoT, enable us to track the number and movement of customers in your stores as well as how much time they spend there and in which specific locations. We’ll also help you find out the exact amount of traffic your store sees throughout the day and determine when the longest queues form and additional checkout counters should be opened. Set appropriate opening times and work shifts at each individual store to ensure you and your customers are satisfied. You’ll get clear reports and easily understandable dashboards so you can start making decisions based on hard data.

You’ll discover the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the running visit rate in individual stores, and how does it differ between them?
  • Do the same rules apply in both large and small towns?
  • What’s the difference between visit rates in stores with street entrances versus those in shopping centers?
  • How do customers travel through your store? Are you using your sales area in an optimal way?
  • Are there places where an excess number of customers block the space? And, on the other hand, where are the deserted areas in the store?
  • Where should you set up promotional stands so that they’re not in the way and yet don’t remain hidden? And what about displays on the shop floor?
  • At what time of day do queues usually form at the checkout counters?
  • On average, how long do customers have to wait in line?
  • When would it be appropriate to open or close checkout counters to optimally serve customers?
  • Are you wasting money on unnecessary personnel?

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