eModel: Paperless client onboarding. Close contracts with clients within an app, eliminate errors, and save the time of your salesforce.

Key Benefits


Significant increase of salesforce productivity


Fewer errors in data transcription, faster process of contract closing and verification


Cost reductions, thanks to faster salesforce training, FTE savings and fewer reworks


Significant reduction in paper consumption


Go paperless, digitize your signing process

Say goodbye to filling paper forms with new clients and manual verification of data; let go of an error-prone, time-consuming, and unecological process. Streamline and make your contract closing process more effective with the eModel application for paperless client onboarding. Your salesforce can service your clients via an app that can be used on tablets, smartphones or PCs.

Your contractual process will be faster, cheaper, and more accurate

eModel simplifies the contract closing process for both clients and the salesperson. It can be adapted to any regulations, data protection conditions, and products. Salespersons just fill a digital form, assist clients in entering a biometric electronic signature, and confirm their contract. In a few minutes, in a couple of clicks or taps.



Processing proposals quickly and effectively

Your salesforce can quickly and easily fill out a digital form with the client, assist them in entering a biometric electronic signature, and confirm their contract. The entire process takes just a few minutes and no more than a couple of clicks. The application reduces the expenses associated with training salespersons, complying with legislation, and timing product launches correctly for each market.

Client Case-Study


Digital onboarding app improved productivity of insurance brokers

MetLife, one of the world’s largest insurers, wanted to replace paper-based onboarding with a digital process – Adastra’s suggested eModel application, available for all platforms, and with easy-to-use interfaces for insurance brokers. Using digital instead of paper resulted in error reduction and has significantly increased the productivity of business processes. Paper consumption has been reduced by 90%. Over 3,000 forms were completed within the first month, resulting in higher profits for the company.


decrease in paper usage

See how it works

eModel has become an irreplaceable tool for contract proposals and has made MetLife the first choice for insurance brokers. Thanks to our app, productivity has significantly increased.


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